McDonald’s Life Advice To Employees

Lowly peons of McDonald’s, breathe easy: your company cares. Even though they pay you $7.25 an hour, which for a standard family of four confines you to poverty, the compassionate corporation wants you to know that it’s vital that you take at least two vacations a year. Also, when bill collectors begin pounding at your door, McDonald’s recommends singing a song; it apparently helps alleviate stress. And hey, singing is cheaper than them paying you a living wage.


Sebelius And Obama’s “Fix Obamacare” Meeting

Healthcare Meeting

Spying — it’s not just for Muslims anymore. It will save our fledgling attempt at a responsible health insurance system.


How McDonald’s And Walmart Became Welfare Queens

Walmart Welfare Queen

The Article: How McDonald’s and Walmart became Welfare Queens by Barry Ritholtz in Bloomberg.

The Text: It seems that welfare queens are back in the news these days. The old stereotype was an inner-city unwed mother — that’s dog-whistle-speak for black — having multiple babies to get ever bigger welfare checks (throw in a new Cadillac and the myth is complete). Regardless, welfare reform of the 1990s ended that narrative.

No, the new welfare queens are even bigger, richer and less deserving of taxpayer support. The two biggest welfare queens in America today are Wal-Mart and McDonald’s.

This issue has become more known as we learn just how far some companies have gone in putting their employees on public assistance. According to one study, American fast food workers receive more than $7 billion dollars in public assistance. As it turns out, McDonald’s has a “McResource” line that helps employees and their families enroll in various state and local assistance programs. It exploded into the public when a recording of the McResource line advocated that full-time employees sign up for food stamps and welfare.

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Matt Damon On Civil ‘Obedience’

While Damon is the brunt of a good number of jokes, his thoughts on what plagues Americans–civil obedience to the powers that be, as opposed to civil disobedience–are worth a listen.


How Different Political Parties See Each Other

How Parties See Each Other

OK, so maybe the chart isn’t so nuanced (we’d compare Dems more to Marxist-Leninists than to Stalinists), but you get the gist.


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