From Mr. Vonnegut himself:

Give us this day our daily bread. Oh sure.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those wh trespass against us.
Nobody better trespass against me. I’ll tell you that.

Blessed are the meek.

Blessed are the merciful. You mean we can’t use torture?

Blessed are the peacemakers. Jane Fonda?

Love your enemies – Arabs?

Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. The hell I can’t! Look at the Reverand Pat Robertson. And He is as happy as a pig in s**t.



Quiet Revolution

Why can’t people just shutthefuckup once in awhile? Everyone’s on their cell phones on the bus, yelling into the receiver as if we all want to hear about how their boyfriend is ‘triflin,” or they’re on it in the fucking grocery store, talking to their bougie, castrated husband about what kind of English muffins he wants.

In the staff meeting for the school paper I work for, people kept talking while the editor was trying to talk. Just carrying on their own goddamn conversations. Hello? Are we in the third grade? Have we not figured out that meetings, while boring and tedious, go a lot faster when everyone focuses and speaks one at a time?

The worst, though, is the library. I can no longer study in the FREAKING LIBRARY.

I thought I could at least count on getting some peace in the library, but apparently not. I’m in favor of bringing back the old-fashioned, elderly, cranky librarian who shushed people all the time, because the tattooed twentysomethings currently employed by my school library aren’t cutting it.

Also, Ossie Davis totally should have won for best guest actor in a drama on the Emmys. Boo.



Party time

Hey Party People,

This is your site admin here to write about all the new features here at pbh. Well there aren’t a ton, but there’s the author’s name now, excerpts work more intelligently, and authors can have their own personal css file for changing the style of their site. For example if you click on my name, Administrator, you will find that I have replaced the default image with a personal one. So everyone enjoy! YAY!

– Kit



scarves & sweaters

i think that it’s brainless to assume that making changes to your window’s view will give a new perspective.

and the hardest part is yet to come



information travels faster & sadder

i intentionally wrote it out to be an illegible mess
you wanted me to write you letters, but i’d rather lose your address
and forget that we’d ever met and what did or did not occur.
sitting in the station, it’s all a blur
of dancehall hips, pretentious quips,
a boxers bob and weave.


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