McDonald’s To Employees: Go On Food Stamps!

In his race to the bottom, it seems Ronald McDonald is the winner. McDonald’s has kept its prices low forever, but as of it late it’s becoming more and more obvious that it’s at the expense of their employees’ welfare…and our tax dollars. On fast food workers alone, the US federal government spends around $7 billion in benefits like Medicaid and food stamps. Because hey, it’s one thing to bleed your employees; it’s another to charge $1.50 for a burger. Watch here, get outraged, and do something about it.



The Founding Fathers Versus FOX News

Founding Fathers Fox News

What say you now, fundie patriots?



The Earnings Of An Average Wall Streeter Versus An Average New Yorker

Wall Street Bull

The Article: Here’s How Much the Average Wall Streeter Makes Compared to the Average New Yorker by Linette Lopez in Business Insider.

The Text: Every year the Office of the New York State Comptroller does a deep dive into Wall Street employment and compensation. The office released its report for 2012 this morning, and as usual, Wall Street salaries trounced those of average New Yorkers. From these stats, you’ll understand how healthy the industry is and how it’s contributing to city and state’s finances. Plus, two words: income gap.

Here are highlights from the full report:

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75 Years Of American Tangles In The Middle East In 180 Seconds

Key: enemies are red, allies are blue, and the more ambiguous frenemies are in purple. The binary presents an overly simplistic picture, yes, but it’s a good holistic hashing-out of US-Middle East relations for those of us who haven’t paid too much attention in history class.



14 Of The Scariest GOP Quotes On Women

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years–nah, let’s say at least the past ten–we’ll fill you in on a little something: the Republican Party has a terrible track record with women and women’s health issues. From “the rape thing” to feminism existing so that ugly chicks can come out from the lonesome shadows and embrace the joys of civic life with all the other beautiful people, the GOP’s contemporary social ethos is about as relevant to today’s society as the pager–minus the modicum of utility still remaining within the screws of the clunky communication device. Read on for prime examples…if you dare.

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