Coal Is Clean, Green Is Dirty

Wind carries pollen. Sun burns your skin. Coal does neither. Therefore, it’s the best!


FOX News And Journalistic Integrity

Journalistic Integrity

Ain’t that the truth.


Obama Is Complicit In Suppressing The Truth About Torture


The Article: Obama Is Complicit in Suppressing the Truth About Torture by Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic.

The Text: President Obama is complicit in suppressing the truth about CIA torture of prisoners. That’s clear from the fact that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s $40 million, 6,000-page torture report is still being suppressed 15 months after being adopted. It is made clearer still by a scathing letter that one member of the committee, Senator Mark Udall, sent the White House on Tuesday. Its claims are jaw-dropping.

Udall wants the torture report released to the public as fully and quickly as possible. He is also interested in a separate CIA report about torture of prisoners. His letter makes all of the following charges:

Lots of information already given to the public about the CIA’s torture program, its management, and its effectiveness “is misleading and inaccurate.”

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Outsourcing America And The Democracy Liquidation Lot

Meet the privatizers and profiteers selling out our democracy. It’s brilliant: by privatizing prisons, you get more violence and more “customers”, which generate you more profits!



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