The First Quote of the Day

And it comes from the commentators at ByronCrawford on an article about transexuals:

honey, i’ve worked in the beauty parlor and nail salon business for over 20 years and the most homophobic people i’ve met are these black people from the south and their race hustling homophobic preachers who have illegitimate children many of them halfrican children and these pig shits are the biggest homophobes who scapegoat gays so straight white people have someone to discriminate against other than niggers or halfricans.

halfricans are always bashing gays to make themselves look good to white people and so that white people laugh at gays and not at halfricans.

fuck homophobic niggers and halfricans!

without liberal white and jewish women, sexual minorities would have no rights. blacks don’t care aboput gays but gays stupidly always support blacks. it’s time to join the pink pistols and arm ourselves against these hate-filled black pigs.


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