The 7 Most Ridiculously Stylish Dictators

Mswati III

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You think you don’t have time to dress well? Try being the world’s last absolute monarch. This Swaziland king has the onerous task of appointing the nation’s prime minister, cabinet members and judges and still finds the time to swag out. While the African despot’s views on rape, sex and women send chills down our spines, his style elicits nothing short of admiration. As comfortable in pinstripe as he is in the plucked feathers of an exotic bird, Mswati is a fashion icon more versatile than all-wheel drive. Kudos to you, Mswati.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II

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Attention all under-employed 30-somethings of Williamsburg: Kaiser Wilhelm II wore your quirky mustache better than you, and he actually had a reason. He was the effing king of Prussia. While many associate the phrases “narcissist”, “bipolar” and “instigator of World War One” with the dearly departed kaiser, his tastes in grooming and regal accoutrements were more worthy of awe than they were scorn. So devout in his fashion faith, before devouring his plum pudding the Prussian royal would dress as a British admiral.

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