Al-Jazeera Exposes Racism At Sarah Palin Rally in Ohio


“I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over. He’s not a Christian! This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?”

“When you got a Nigger running for president, you need a first stringer. He’s definitely a second stringer.”

“He seems like a sheep – or a wolf in sheep’s clothing to be honest with you. And I believe Palin – she’s filled with the Holy Spirit, and I believe she’s gonna bring honesty and integrity to the White House.”

“He’s related to a known terrorist, for one.”

“He is friends with a terrorist of this country!”

“He must support terrorists! You know, uh, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. And that to me is Obama.”

“Just the whole, Muslim thing, and everything, and everybody’s still kinda – a lot of people have forgotten about 9/11, but… I dunno, it’s just kinda… a little unnerving.”

“Obama and his wife, I’m concerned that they could be anti-white. That he might hide that.”

“I don’t like the fact that he thinks us white people are trash… because we’re not!”

With the succinct and all to true conclusion by the reporter, “It’s a reminder that hate and fear are still powerful sources in American society.”

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  1. Jiff AMynard says:

    Oh yeah, I can clearly see Palin as being a racist! no doubt about it.


  2. Irish says:

    Another reason not to be proud to be an American. These people sicken me.

  3. Theo Epstein says:

    Dear World: Please believe me – not all Americans are this intellectually stunted. Honest. The people uncovered at this Palin rally represent the worst we have to offer and are a product of the system they – albeit unknowingly – are a product of.

  4. Matt says:

    Goddamn rednecks, that old lady was wrong, people like those ARE trash.

  5. Alex says:

    There are racist people found all over the place … not just at Palin rallies. Equating Palin to the racial ignorance of a few dumb citizens is as absurd as the remarks those bigots spewed. You’re all sheep! Being in America and being American are two very different things – a racist is NOT a typical American. I am proud to be an American – the world is filled with different point of views, get over yourselves!

  6. Steve says:

    It’s a shame, racism and fear at its worst.

    Btw, flame me, but the second guy said ‘negro’, not ‘nigger’.

  7. asdf says:

    Yes, it’s definitely “negro”.

  8. Wodha says:

    The second guy says “negro”. Listen to it again. I’m an Obama supporter but changing this word in your text is only stocking the very aggression you’re trying to illustrate. The Obama supporters need to play fair and let these misinformed racist inbred Christian Ohioans hang themselves.

  9. Jon says:

    I’m not so shocked. I know people who are voting for Obama, where race is a significant factor for them. Just because they’re on my side doesn’t make them less racist. I guess I’m just trying to point out that there’s racism on both sides, but the Democratic racism is hidden far better methinks.

  10. Gunner Sykes says:

    I don’t see any interviews of the homeless people that Obama’s ACORN supporters picked up and bused to the polls in Ohio. I bet you could get some great quotes from them. Talk about trash journalism. I am heartened by the extremes that leftist hatemongers go to in smearing Sarah Palin. She must be doing something right.

  11. Jim says:

    American the beautiful (and ignorant)

  12. Me says:

    This is truly pathetic and amazing of the flat out ignorance and shallow mindedness of most americans… No wonder we rank 29th in the world in education.. we have a bunch of inbreed retards mass producing and brainwashing their litters in the same likemindness. These bigots and religeous zealots are truly a product of the propoganda machine and and don’t let reason dictate their thought process… they let emotion and ideaology control them…pathetic.

  13. iron says:

    The second quote is incorrect. You wrote that he said “Nigger” and I’m pretty sure he said “negro”. This video is damning enough without making it worse. Besides, misquoting gives ammunition to the McCain/Palin apologists. Please fix this.

  14. itsonlyme says:

    I heard it as “Nigra”; I’m not sure if the word by itself makes the man a racist but the rest of his comment sure does

  15. Burt says:

    I agree. The 2nd guys does say NEGRO, not “nigger”. And YES, this is a Christian nation, and Obama is a Christian.

  16. Josh says:

    Yeah, you really need to edit your entry to either remove the quotes or change the word to “negro.” It’s bad enough what’s being said, but don’t misrepresent it to make things worse.

  17. rpauli says:

    And a very minor point, but having lived in The South for just a little while I can tell you there is a subtle distinction in the pronunciations of negro, negra, nigra, and nigger. All are different – and each will reveal the politics of the speaker. Of course there are many other descriptions: blacks, Afro-Americans, coloreds, etc. and each will reflect the speakers political stance.

    Southerners love to shock Northern liberals with this trap… and the text transcription is incorrect as I heard it.

  18. George O. says:

    Jon is right. I’m not defending these bigots but racism goes both ways. If you interviewed black people at an Obama rally in Alabama you would hear similar comments from racist black people. It goes both ways. Again, not defending this kind of behavior, but pretending to be outraged is more ignorant than the words these people are saying. Instead of glorifying these morons in the blogosphere, which in turn inspires more hatred, we should be ignoring them. What’s the point of a news story like this? You’re just expounding on the hatred when you allow these extremists to see the limelight. If we spent a little more time focused on the REAL issues and not who’s black and who’s white then maybe we would see some true change. But alas, this is the beauty of the two party political system. Illusions of choice where none really exist.

    For the bailout?


    Too bad. Obama and McCain both voted for it. Keep thinking your voting for ‘change’ or ‘conservatism’ and remember, up is down, left is right, and war is peace.

  19. Patrick says:


    After listening to it again I think you are right, but it’s not easy to tell and at first I thought he said the N word. So just don’t get too worked up over a clear mistake.

  20. Former undecided says:

    Thanks for posting this, as americans we can no longer hold on to the past, whites shouldnt fear blacks and vice versa we should make this election about us(tax paying americans) and who will be better for us in the future. If you like McCains ideas for the future GOOD if you like Obama’s plan GREAT. But the racial overtones are getting everyone sidetracked from the real issue and thats the fact that our dollar we work hard for everyday is being reduced to the paper its printed on, NOTHING!Jobs are being moved over seas to save money by the big wigs, we’re in debt to china, and we’re in love with giving our money to the saudi’s(Never forget 9/11)So to me its simple real change cant come from someone who’s been in washington longer than most voters have been on this earth, think about it, if given the opportunity to serve multiple terms didnt lead to change why would the presidency???

  21. K says:

    I used to live among people like this – rural, poor and ignorantly conservative. I am of mixed race, and sometimes it was hard to get along with them on a fundamental level. Ok, most of the time. But outside of their self-inflicted ignorance and prejudice, they were ordinary people trying to get along. These in particular look afraid – like they are losing an imagined prestige they acquired from the grace of the color of their birth. From their impovrished, forgotten, trashed-out, undereducated, ridiculed position in the world, they really have nothing else. Seeing this video simply reminded me how pathetic they are. I pity them.

  22. jb says:

    Is this is united States in 2008? I real hope these type of people are the minority throughout the country. Truly insane.

  23. Bud says:

    I’ve heard he’s going to declare a HUGE reparations package in his first 100 days in office.
    JK.Wow. True K, those people are scared. It’s sad that so much misinformation is spread through hateful email and that some people will believe it without so much as double checking it via the Internet.

  24. Huey says:

    The guy who called African Americans by the word “negro” was old. When he grew up, negro was what polite people used instead of “the N word” to refer to African Americans.

    What’s your excuse for mis-attributing his use of the “N word”?

  25. John says:

    Does it really matter how the word was used?I think the video says it all.

  26. Armitage says:

    I wish I were creative and immoral enough to make up stuff about McCain and Palin. These people just might believe it!

  27. Khadir says:

    You know you’re a redneck if…

  28. Dan says:

    Cherry picking several people who obviously are racist does not by any means apply to the vast majority of McCain supporters.

    Racism is everywhere. Perhaps the author should spend some time investigating the democrat and liberal voters that will not vote for Obama because he is Black.

    ..or perhaps the high percentage of blacks who are voting for Obama JUST because he is black. That doesn’t seem like the best way to pick your candidate either… Is that not racist as well?

    There are many smart people out there that are also racist to some degree. It is not limited to the uneducated, or redneck.

    Now… If we could go back 20 or 30 years and compare the level of racism then versus today, I think you’d find we’ve come a long way in such a short period of time.

  29. This just highlights, in my opinion, the necessity for Muslims in America to go out and vote, so they can protect their rights against these people who are so hateful.

  30. boredgnome says:

    “and all to true conclusion” –> You spelled “too” wrong.

    How could hate and fear be a “source in American society”? That does not make sense.

  31. Lauren says:

    Wow. “The Muslim thing” ???? They know he’s not a Muslim, right? When (please please please) he wins, we’re going to have so many confused people to explain this to.

  32. Abruptum says:

    What was that ???? Was it an earthquake ??? Oh, it was just the DINOSAURS that came to life after being frozen inside the glaciers of Alaska.

  33. Lou Ming says:

    re:asdf says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 10:32 am
    Yes, it’s definitely “negro”.

    It’s “niggra”


  34. usbibble says:

    if there are racists on obama’s side as fanatical as these, then yes, they are doing an excellent job of hiding it. im not saying palin is a racist, but some of the gop’s base undoubtedly is.

    p.s. there IS a secret consipiracy, and if obama wins, us darkies are DEFINITELY taking over. crackers beware, all your irrational fears are justified, cuz all us niggers are just as irrational as you. were just sneakier, and its harder to see us at night so we can get away with it.

    P4R4]\[0i4 + c]-[40s = c(_)17(_)r3 \/\/4R.

  35. krob says:

    This is why George Carlin & Bill Maher thought most Americans were stupid. These people believe too much of what they drink and not enough using their brain. Palin as far as education goes is practically retarded, and Obama is a Scholar.

  36. Michael says:

    He didn’t say “negro” or “nigger”. He said “nigra” which is a variant of “nigger” that carries all that word’s accompanying connotations. Having been addressed that way many times in that part of the country, I’ve developed an ear for the word.

  37. Nevermore says:

    That figures you’d get that kind of a response from some po-dunk backwater town in Ohio. This is what the Obama team should be scared of. Lots of stained tweety-bird shirt wearing, walmart welfare wednesday shopping window lickers in small towns out there. These are the people that cant even fill in the proper circle on a scantron sheet, but make the paper they’re printed on. Eyeroll.

  38. Racists says:

    These people represent over half of McCain’s supporters.

  39. Andy says:

    I’m an Ohio resident, and this makes me ashamed of my fellow Ohioans. This racist bullshit has got to end.

  40. says:

    oughta napalm the lot of ’em

  41. Jesus Fucking Christ says:

    I…just…no words.

  42. JoKeR says:

    It was like they interviewed the entire cast of “Gummo”. A fine example of how dangerous ignorance and intolerance can be.

  43. Obama is awesome says:

    Please change the quotation that has an individual quoted as saying, “ni**er” so that it reads what I believe he actually said, which is “negro.” I am no fan of McCain-Palin or their misguided supporters, but this man is being misquoted by you and this error needs to be fixed. Using the term negro is still inexcusable, it’s still a racist term, and so there is no need to exaggerate what was actually said.

  44. Jerke Wadde says:

    And these are the people that McCain is so proud of.

  45. GLC says:

    I am from urban Chicago and I have grown up in largly an Italian/Polish neighborhood. Let me tell you that racism is everywhere, its just some choose to embrace it and some do not. The purpose of this comment is to just show how far behind the south is. Its like when you visit there or look at how they live, its like we go back 20-40 years. Their comments make me thank I grew up in a place where cow tippin and banging my cousin wasn’t the only way of life.

  46. Dave says:

    I’m surprised no one balked at the fact that Al Jazeera was interviewing them.

  47. Ben says:

    Im from Ohio. There is alot of chem trails here so maybe thats why my state is full of ignorant red neck trash. HAHA!

  48. Billy Italia says:

    These are typical red neck Christians which means they are as Christian as HITLER.It beg
    the question with billions of planets and solar systems why did he put these people on
    the same planet as decent people if not to be entertained.Will the real GOD Please stand up.
    – Puzzled decent human

  49. flapper says:

    this is not a christian nation……..oh the blasphemy. there has not been a religion mandated by this government. nor will there ever be. i keep hearing people say this is a christian nation. well you are wrong. its just that the christian religian out numbers all other religians. dont get me wrong i am an obama supporter all the way. but dont judge your leaders by what god they pray to. judge them by their intelligents.

  50. NuttBoxer says:

    When I vote I will take all my information from non-partisan media and internet sources… wait, never mind.

    Freedom comes with a huge responsibility and commitment in order to work. If you only watch the news, polls, or go to sites like this to make your decision, you are not taking that responsibility seriously. Find some non-biased sources(registrar of voters sends out some good stuff), think for yourself, vote for the best canidate(there are more than two parties).

  51. ObamaSupporter says:

    Albeit I’m all for Obama, but why? HOW? How in the hell can this country still be so RACIST even after 50 YEARS of equality?? This is an affront to the dignity of civilized people everywhere. That, whole baby killed remark near the end was SO wrong, abortion before 3 months is technically removing a parasite, as all the FETUS, not baby, not child, does is steal nutrients and oxygen from the mother. Look it up and get your head out of your rear. I am a afraid that one of these people really will kill Obama. That’s what scares me the most.

    Vote Obama, stay well informed, Don’t be like them^^

    I live at 7 Curtis Park Dr. Wyncote PA 19095, if you want retribution come and take it.

  52. Doug says:

    Sounds like he said, “nigger” to me and I listened to it twice.

    Who says negro anyway? Answer: nobody says it in 2008. Perhaps in the 1950’s.

    p.s. the Founding Fathers of this nation were secular. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story. Always so emotional, the religious fanatics…

  53. WhiteTeeRash says:

    Fear, ignorance and hate.
    That’s what makes America great.

  54. Brandon says:

    The second guy says ‘negro’, most certainly, only pronounce “nay-grah”. i come from a mixed family–the white side being extremely country–and my great grandmother still says ‘negro’ and it sounds “nay-grah”, and she isn’t the only one. So… it’s still being said. Don’t think just ‘cuz you don’t hear it, that it must not ever be said. I still can’t believe that people STILL think Obama is Muslim. I mean, ain’t she got a TV? And when did some white people start thinking Obama thought they are trash? That’s nothing but self-loathing and jealousy right there. A black man has more than some white person, and said white person thinks “well, of COURSE Obama thinks he’s better than me…”

    She might as well have called up an uppity nigger.

  55. gunnerisanidiot says:

    wow nice website gunner……..f*cking nerd.

  56. sight says:

    ya he said negro not nigger

  57. Ron Gilbert says:

    What the man said was “niggra” which is considered an offensive term, but not quite as bad as “nigger.” Definiton at

  58. Brawndo says:

    Dumbass Ohio hillbillies. What do you expect?

  59. Spizzy says:

    Not all of Ohio is like this… this is podunk middle of nowhere. Frankly, these morons could be anywhere… I’m from Columbus, and the city is strongly pro-Obama.

  60. Streetz says:

    these ppl are so ignorant

  61. Jeanie says:

    The man said “Niggra” its the just another spelling for the word “Nigger” used by “Ignorant Racists”, especially in the East & South. I have been called a “niggra” many times.

  62. Keeping It Real. Real Racist….


  63. krisklew says:

    Who are the ignorant ones here? You all just dismiss these peoples’ fears by calling them “stupid,” “ignorant,” “racist,” “rednecks,” etc, but doesn’t that make you just as bad? You hear them say one sentence or phrase and you know and understand all their prejudices and opinions? I’m not saying I approve of what they said – it is hateful and sad that they feel this way. However, they are my people. I’m from rural Michigan, though I now live in a city. And let me tell you, us rural people think YOU are the ignorant ones. And it’s comments from Obama saying we “cling to God and guns” that fuels this type of hatred and makes him seem patronizing. If you’re not from the country, you don’t know our culture. Your obvious disdain for us does not improve the situation. You’re the ignorant ones in our eyes. THAT is why Palin is so popular.

  64. krisklew says:

    Oh – and he says ‘negro’ with a rural accent – it’s not meant offensively. It’s a generational thing here that most men of his generation would use to refer to a black man.

    Get over it or political correctness will kill us all.

  65. Jim's Mom says:

    Nothing is scarier than Todd Palin with a loaded weapon (be it a firearm or otherwise). Full coverage at The Lemon Report.

  66. probama says:

    racism sucks, but ageism and sexism are fine! i can’t wait until obama wins and we crucify joe the plumber!

  67. Sooloo says:

    I’m sorry but black people can not be racist. They can be prejudiced or bigoted, but racism is about power and oppression. Racism is an ideology that justifies existing power relations and social differentiation based on ascriptive notions of “race”. While I am not arguing that Ivy educated African-Americans are more or less oppressed than the working class white people in this video, there is a recognition that the white race has a privileged and entitled position. The fear and anger in these folks’ eyes is a testament to how upsetting a challenge to racial hierarchy can be to those on top.

  68. dictioncheck says:

    he says “nigra”. That’s that rural diction. It’s supposed to a kinder, gentler way to refer to black people. And yes, it’s still offensive and disrespectful. I’m not sure why that’s a point of debate. He’s obviously not tipping his hat to Obama. There is no respect involved in his comment.

  69. […] Interviews At An Ohio Republican Sarah Palin Rally Expose Racism Against Barack Obama | Prose Before… […]

  70. darwin6 says:

    I know that guy, he never says nigger, always just niggra, some of his best friends are black too.

  71. Brad says:

    America is in no way a Christian nation, or a nation of any other religion, for that matter. It wasn’t founded on any Christian principles or any such nonsense of the sort. Several of the Founding Fathers spoke out on this specific subject and many of them despised the entire idea of organized religion. That being said, of course Obama is a Christian (or professes to be, anyhow); the religious prejudices from the electorate he would face for being of a different faith or an atheist would be worse than the prejudices he’s facing now for being black.

  72. Sonwamac says:

    Forget whether he said Nigger, Nigra or Negro…what he was saying that since its an African American running (an unfortunate instance in his view) that the guy who’s unfortunate enough to be a nigger/negro/nigra running for president should be a “first stringer” and Obama’s a “second stringer”…but his whole concept of what constitutes first stringer or second stringer is formed from his racist white supremecist world view…so if your justification for this guy is he said “Nigra” instead of Nigga that’s WEAK

  73. I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon and point out that the guy definitely said “negro” and not “nigger”. To echo the sentiments of earlier posters, the video is so damned biased it makes me roll my eyes. Every political candidate is going to have his/her fringe nutjob supporters, and it’s outright plain-and-simple yellow journalism to go out looking for these people to smear a candidate. I support Obama, but some of his other supporters put me off, especially those sheep that start chanting “Yes we can” at rallies. Why not throw your right arm out and give a hearty “Sieg Heil!” while your at it, you brainless twits?

    Gunner Sykes said: “I am heartened by the extremes that leftist hatemongers go to in smearing Sarah Palin. She must be doing something right.”

    Oh yeah, I’m sure the DNC has a hotline to Al Jazeera. Your use of the term “leftist hatemongers” instantly and readily conveys to all your ideological superiority and the academic merits of your arguments.

    GLC said: “The purpose of this comment is to just show how far behind the south is. ”

    I’ll refer you to the title of the article: “Al-Jazeera Exposes Racism At Sarah Palin Rally in Ohio”. O-H-I-O. As I best recall, Ohio is generally not considered part of “the South,” so your ignorant generalization of Southerners earns you a FAIL.

    Sooloo says: A whole bunch of outdated crap that makes me wonder what the hell he/she is smoking. There’s only one color in the USA that matters, buddy: green. If you really believe the tripe that you typed here, then you need to re-evaluate your attitude. The people that have the green don’t give a damn that you’re black or white, they just want your poor ass to stay poor so they can make another $100 million. I’m white, and I can tell you that all that power and privilege I supposedly have entitles me to a summer job as a A/C tech (which, by the way, I got through a phone interview, thus eliminating racial bias) whilst I go into debt the rest of the year as an undergrad at the Ive-League University of Houston. Classism is the way that the haves keep all the have-nots at each other now, not racism.

    No person should be 100% tolerant — it’s impossible, and that route only leads to letting bad people get away with bad things because you’re “tolerating” them. You have a right to free speech in the USA. Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, as you also have a right to keep your racist, ignorant mouth shut. Just ask the inbred, racist, East Texas twit who jabbed my wife with a finger one time and called her a “wetback whore.” I carry a concealed Walther P99. I won’t say how I reacted, but I’ll let you know that you can spot that jerk by the piss stain in his overalls that’s a direct result of him meeting me.

  74. benny deckt says:

    id sure like to fill her with My holy spirit!

  75. Erica says:

    To make judgements about an entire population of people based on the cherry picked comments of a few is ignorant. Yes I support McCain and am from that small town in Ohio. I disagree with B.O.’s socialistic policies. And yes, he does associate with terrorists (Bill Ayers) and hate mongers (Rev. Wright). A true test of one’s character is in their actions and in the company they keep and so far I am not impressed by B.O.

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. anonymouse. says:

    Bravo, Jon.
    you’re the first person to mention that racism cuts both ways in this campaign. and just because it falls in line with your desired end goals doesn’t make it any less racist.

    for me, I don’t like Obama’s shifts on issues, backtracking on his promises, the way he tries to portray himself as supporting both sides of various issues, nor his lack of experience.

    despite what everyone seems to be trying to say, it’s completely feasible to be a McCain supporter and not be racist.

  78. Drew says:

    Its sad that people cant look past skin color even if that darker skin could help make you family and this nation stronger..

  79. foodforthought says:

    risklew, has it ever dawned on you that Palin is so popular because she represents the ignorance and stupidity of people like you? Hopefully that light bulb has turned on…smh

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