The Best Of 2011 In Satire And Politics On The PBH Network

Best Of 2011 In Satire And Politics On The PBH Network

5. The Real Difference Between Europe And America

Difference Between US And Europe

This year the global recession has caused many to draw comparisons between the United States and Europe. But is there much of a difference? Here’s an image-based list for you to ponder.

4. The College Lifestyle In Pictures

When Big Macs are gourmet

For many, college is a time of sacrifice. Strapped for time and money, students must be savvy with their choices. Ovens are only those that can sit atop the mini fridge and a smelly couch that actually has all of its cushions is like a feather bed at the Four Seasons. Check out some of the other college change-ups here.

3. CNN Chooses The Wrong Music For A Story On A 103 Year Old Driver

Coolio Track Causes CNN to Apologize

And we thought some of the GOP debate gaffes were bad. Offensive Coolio lyrics in a CNN segment? Embarrassing, yes, but also incredibly entertaining.

2. The Pompous Philistine of the Coffee Shop: the Hipster Barista

Blogging and Scarf Wearing Are Pre-Reqs to Brew a Coffee

Everyone has met this guy at some point in their life. You like the Velvet Underground? He liked them before they sold out. You think you know how to brew a good coffee? According to the Hipster Coffee Barista, you’re incompetent unless donning a scarf and toting a Sartre play.

1. Jon Stewart on September 11th

Jon Stewart On 9-11

The 10th anniversary of September 11th hit the hearts and heads of many this year. And as always, Jon Stewart had some choice words to say.

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