ESPN’s Social Media Win On Super Bowl Media Day

ESPN's Social Media Win On Super Bowl Media Day

On Tuesday morning, SportsCenter’s Twitter account asked for followers to submit questions that they would want answered by Giants and Patriots players during the Super Bowl’s media day. I replied with a insightfully silly question: Who is your favorite ninja turtle and why?

I wasn’t expecting an answer, let alone an acknowledgement, but it turns out the social media folks at SportsCenter and ESPN were listening dutifully to the social conversation. Within an hour and a half of my Tweet, my question was chosen, a reporter on the ground asked the question to Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and the answer was taped, put online, and Tweeted out to me and the general public.

Think about those dynamics for a moment. Through following a brand on Twitter, I was able to connect with a major athlete about to play in the Super Bowl about a show we both watched as children. Now that’s successful social engagement.

And it certainly didn’t hurt the answer was pretty good (though the right answer is Leonardo – sorry BenJarvus):


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  1. Alexander Jewservass says:

    It’s that same easy connection that allows sex offenders to stock their prey.

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