Oh, absolutely everythings changed

You toss and turn, but you can’t begin to get it back.

Well, apart from a few updates to Word of the Day, some abstract thinking on WPP, I haven’t done my part in keeping this site up. Kit (fortune for him, unfortunate for this site) has left for France for the next few months (hopefully I’ll get to visit!), and his brother remains the other steadfast contributor to PBH.

Anyway, I started a new job, am hopefully getting another position as well in the near future, and have been doing the standard yuppie death march towards the grave. I have the pictures to prove it too (they’re here).

I suggest you check out Internet Vibes — they’re vibes are seriously out of control. Also, SixSixFive, Coming Anarchy, and Warcraft 3 have been keeping me entertained recently. It is a sad day.


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