sermons in my head


The following things were or were NOT accomplished in the past 5 days.

I went to spoken word in the U Street area on 420. The U Street area is my new favorite place because it is not overly gentrified and it does NOT look like the suburbs transposed to the Urban Environment. My favorite poem went something like this “Pork and white woman, Farrah Khan passes and OJ goes for seconds”. Actually, it was NOT my favorite but the one I remembered almost verbatim. You also said fuck you very loudly during the parts you were supposed to say Fuck You. I think I and everyone around us was impressed. Jeff also is starting a new band entitled ‘Jeff and the Embarrassments’ (or long title as Sex and the Single Coeds Who Were Transported from Their Comfy College Environment to a Slightly More Ambiguous Urban Surrounding).

I fell asleep watching ‘Dreamz’ like a child on her shoulder. I was NOT awoken until approximately 15 minutes left in the movie and with a horrible backache. It was NOT an organic experience.

The weekend itself was awesome, for all the right/wrong reasons. Alcohol and yuppie fun units were consumed. However, there was no discount even though we were buying in bulk for a large group of white, middle-class humanoids. I wish Adams Morgan could be converted into a theme park where fun units could be consumed.

Here are the pictures to prove that this weekend WAS in fact like every other weekend known to man in this tiny little biosphere:

This is me and some fellar. I am unsure what is going on. I am pretty sure it is illegal or overly-happy for no good gosh darn reason.

This is the significant other caught in the act. Initially it was believed she was with another male humanoid but it turned out to be my hidden persona — SOCIETY BOY! — so all is now “ca va”. Ca va bien, even. Let it be known this is NOT a mating call.

There was lots of interesting conversation. Did you know that urban designers saw the Mall as being a community environment in the urban landscape? But in the end it became a suburban phenomenon? Also, remember you were worried we were like them, and then I pointed out you had a black eye and found yourself covered in puke a few days before? You, my friend, are full of silliness and self-flagellation.

Sunday night was the end of the fire. Jeffrey, Cmart, and I attended a Soullive / Toots & The Maytails show at the 930 club in DC. It was outrageous. I am still on the losing end of that night. I am a corporate zombie. I am stuck inside my head and no one will let me out. Needless to say, I am firmly and completely burnt.



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