I Will Fight Anyone Who Accuses Of Us Of Stealing From Busted T’s

If anyone raises the idea again that we stole this sweet ass blog name from Busted T’s, I will literally hunt you down and fight you. We registered this domain 6 years ago, long before the Dane Cook of T-Shirt creation fucking made that dip shit t-shirt. Fuck you if you think I would stoop to stealing our name.


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  1. msdn says:

    Brink it on.

    BTW – you stole that name bitch!

    Visit me @ reddit.com UID MSDN

    • alec says:

      I know who you are and what your IP address is. I am running simultaneous GUI traceroutes on you, and will soon be delivering a knuckle sandwich to your front door in return for your affront to my beloved website.

  2. alec says:

    Counterpoint: I fucked up the title of this post and deserve to fight no one.

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