Radiohead at MSG (I want IRONY)

I put this on and craigslist, hopefully I’ll get some tickets (agh!):

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to ask for tickets to the June 13th or June 14th Radiohead show at Madison Square Garden. I attempted but was unable to purchase tickets during the online release date and cannot afford to buy a pair of tickets as they are being advertised now on Craigslist or Ebay. I suppose there are a fair amount of pleas out there from people so I commiserate that everyone that wants tickets (and probably deserves tickets) has not received them. However, I’ll still share my experience: I currently work at a non-profit in Washington DC, and my girlfriend who I wish to take with me to the concert works as a public school teacher in the Bronx, so paying upwards of $300 plus for each ticket is not feasible. Further, it is also my birthday on the 13th (I will fax you my drivers license or even my birth certificate for verification), and I have never had the pleasure of seeing Radiohead in person. I was scheduled to see them in spring 2001 at Bull Run in Virginia where Radiohead was scheduled to perform for 2 days. However, after Kid Koala finished a set on the first day, an unusual thunderstorm set upon the park and consequently, Radiohead did not perform. Severe inclement weather continued the next day, so both shows ended up cancelled with no Radiohead performance, and they have not returned to the Washington DC area since.

Though I am saddened that a lot of people are selling and buying tickets at extraordinary prices, perhaps depriving a lot of deserving individuals in attendance, I do not blame anyone for their actions (even the ticket brokers) for being swayed by monetary incentives. My budget is limited, but I am willing to pay well over face value for a pair of tickets to either show so a couple of serious Radiohead fans can enjoy the irony of a Street Spirit sing a long, or whatever the night may bring. If you need to reach me, I am available at [email protected] Thank you for your time.



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  1. kaleb says:

    I was there – Bull Run. Bull shit, it was.

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