Weekend in Retrospect

Friday night, went to Union Station and picked YOU up. Our taxi driver liked to talk about poop and spanking, which are two fairly normal past-times (I think). This was followed by a delicious meal at Peking Gourmet and the realization that everyone around us is on an awkward date (so, uh, you like stuff?).

Saturday afternoon was amazing. YOU and I went to the National Building Museum, a tucked away, sparsely attended Smithsonian museum that features ideas and exhibits about urban planning and architecture. The two exhibits we saw were equally well-done and innovative: one featured ideas about energy efficient Green housing, and the other an exhibit about the rebuilding efforts in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina (though there was some thought vandalism). This was followed by some indigestion-inspiring Capital Q BBQ, a nice walk around the mailbox-filled, but otherwise empty, streets of DC, and a good game of tennis (hey, you got better pretty quick, and you better do tennis lesson this summer).

On Saturday night, we went to the Eleventh Street lounge, one of the cooler spots I’ve been to in Clarendon. With good house music and relaxed vibe, it is free of what the WP lightly calls the ‘interchangeable’ crowds and atmosphere of Clarendon (aka pathetic looking yuppies dancing to hip hop in darkened Jager Bomb holes). Plus, we sang Lisa Loeb’s stay, aka the perfect night cap.

Some random non-sequitor thoughts/phrases about the weekend: poop shivers, naked twister. Why can’t YOU live in DC? Also, you let out some horrible farts.

And with that, FINI.


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