Before, during, and after the fighting in Lebanon

Crisis usually defines Lebanon, but these days, the country is navigating threats that many describe in existential terms, including a battle entering the third week between the Lebanese army and al-Qaeda-inspired fighters. Below are pictures of a Palestinian refugee camp in the midst of the carnage:






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  1. Mozes says:

    f*ck israel
    and f*ck its mom (bush) the bit*ch!
    all they cause is more terrorism, more destruction, more lies, more damage, killllll bush noooow and leave israel alone to suffer with no bitch of a mother!

  2. Mozes says:

    and What is al Qaeda?
    al Qaeda: an american agency

  3. […] man Alec over at Prose Before Hos has some stunning images from Lebanon- before and after the fighting broke out there recently. Go check them out.   […]

  4. michael says:

    the longer the pedophile worshippers attack each other the better for the rest of us

  5. Think how many decades Israeli civilians have been undergoing suicide bombings, often times many in one day. Now remember how irate we were when september 11th happened. Imagine that happening every day for 30 years. How insanely mad would you be? How could you respond in a rational non-militaristic fashion when your people are being massacred and the ones taking responsibility only vow more attacks, Hamas, PLO etc?

  6. alec says:

    I hope you’re kidding. There hasn’t been a suicide bomber attack in 3 years and Palestinian civilians are a lot more likely to die by the Israeli military than Israeli civilians by Palestinian terrorism. Check out this BBC article:

  7. I was referring to the last few decades

  8. alec says:

    PS. This was a battle between the Lebanese military and militants in a Palestinian refuge camp in Lebanon, not in regards to last summers war between Israel and Hizbullah.

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