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What is it about Friday that makes you want to laugh, cry, and scream all at the same time? To help coax those emotions out in the open, here are some of the best posts featured on the PBH Network this week!

5. The Most Iconic Images of the 80’s


It’s hard to peg what exactly will define any period of time, but these images seem to stand out in the mind’s of those who survived the 80’s. There may not be any hair bands on our list, but we’re sure you’ll be just as impressed.

4. The Suburban Hardass Meme


This guy has really got it goin’ on. Low riding pants, mean mug and…oh yeah…nice valance, kid.

3. A Guy’s Demise

Whether you agree with this article or think it’s completely bogus, it may still be an important discussion to have. Even if we KEEP having it over, and over, and over…

2. Basset Hounds Running


The best caption from our Facebook page: “ERMAGERD! BEESCUTS!” from Mark Buckawicki.

1. Cat Pack

What would a cat pack? This cat seems to have it all figured out…sort of.

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