Debate Reactions: Tie Goes To The Retard

You know how everyone shit the appropriate brick when Sarah Palin didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was in her first interview with Charlie Gibson? Last night certainly proved she knew what the Bush Doctrine was — though not the foreign policy version.

No, I’m speaking of the Bush Doctrine of coming to a debate unprepared with a marginal intellectual capability of making adjustments or responding to facts during a discussion, yet somehow coming out without looking like a complete dolt. So in essence, in an environment of lowered expectations a la Bush and Gore’s debates in 2000, Palin won because she didn’t display the same acumen as her down syndrome child. Unfortunately, with Palin somewhat holding her own (though failing miserably on unforeseen questions, like the functions of the Vice President) against Biden, tie goes to the retard.

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  1. Call Me Jesse says:

    If only I had faith in the awareness and reasoning capacity of the american public. To me she appeared 10% candidate, 90% cheerleader for the bush policies. To her credit she used statistics effectively in order to attack but could find none for her defence other than using her lack experience as evidence that shes not partisan. In every other way she sounded like our current president. Partisan(youre not fooling me), weak on environmental issues, dogmatic on climate change, and proponent of the dangerous financial theory that has ruined our economy. She is an economic deregulationist to the benefit of huge corporations and to the detriment of the American people. These people will give tax breaks to successful profitable entities but will deny assistance for families and the poor!

  2. alec says:

    Agree. The folksy thing was completely hackneyed — a ripoff of George Bush’s lame cowboy/everyday routine that somehow wooed voters for two elections. I have minimal belief of America voting on someone with a modicum of substance, though.

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