A Page Of Life

This is a page from my book of life. I have been a part of many things in my life. I have been a leader, a follower, a sinner and a saint. Of all of those I have to say I loved being the leading sinner. The person who was in charge of a bad thing. I have taken groups into battle, I have watch grown men fall for a cause that was selfish. I have watch friends turn on eachother because of a strive for personal gain. “We are all a trade away from humility”, life is a business. I am in the business and making others want to be me. I am in the business of making people look at me and wonder how I can do what I do. I don’t fluant my business, I just make sure it is visible. I make sure you want to be me. I make sure you want to follow in my steps. I am not perfect, perfection is a joke it isn’t real. Perfection is an illusion, I create it, I make it seem real.

Its hard trying to be, its hard to do. I don’t DO ANYTHING, I JUST AM.

To create an illusion is easy, to keep it is hard. To keep the illusion is hard.

Think about that…..



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  1. alec says:

    Interesting, but you are allowed to curse. Also, I am going to fix your spelling and grammar.

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