The PBH Network’s Weekend Must List

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5. Oh, You! Dog

Those eyes, those cheesy, over-the-top puns. Man’s relationship with his canine compadre has never been funnier–or fitter for the Internet. Oh, you.

4. The Beautiful Banff Park

Banff Park

Winter holidays aren’t that far away — and neither is Canada’s stunning Banff Park.

3. The Horrors Of Facebook’s Past

Facebook Past

Ah, yes. The days when you typed incessantly about how “durnnk” you were, or how “random” you were … it’s all there, my friends. It’s all still there. Haunting you every time you click 2007.

2. The Best FOX News Prank Ever

FOX News Prank

If pranks like this could happen around once a week, I’d tune into FOX far more frequently.

1. The 47% Hit Halloween

47% Hand Outs

A great politically-inspired costume this Halloween could be a binder full of women…or potentially the spectral, yet mooching middle class.


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