Hurry up and kill yourself! For +10 EMO Points!


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  1. alec says:

    This is the worst fucking reporting I’ve seen in my life. Did anyone notice that they’re using a SARCASTIC ONLINE QUIZ as their justification for the dangers of the emo lifestyle?

    More points for crying a lot and wearing tight sweaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah, that’s a real fucking serious point system.

  2. Emo killer supreme says:

    Fucking little emo bitches

  3. pookie says:

    i would just like to say i am emo. or at least what they are considering emo and i do not base anything off of ridiculous online quizzes. and didn’t they forget when they were stereotyping us that we base it off our friend counts on myspace too?! just because a person cuts themself doesn’t make them emo. i know kids that hate me and listen to nothing but techno that cut themselves! this should have definitely been researched a little more especially before they went public with it. and the song in the background…is a song that is basically sarcasm towards emo kids. it is by jeffree star. listen to the whole thing. he is making fun of emo kids.

  4. alec says:


    #1 – your name is mad emo
    #2 – i’m digging the myspace idea — lets get something arranged where you cut yourself on a video for myspace, and i profit off of it
    #3 – let’s listen to techno and cut ourselves

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  6. […] may be some of the worst reporting you will see in your life. I got more emotions then Clay Aiken slitting his wrists in a bathtub and I’m still not the […]

  7. jennifer says:

    ok so you guys cut yourself so that you can feel cool that smart the coolest thing you can do is just be yourself yea like i under stand that people cut themselfs because thay are in emosional pain but y the fuck would you make a point system thats just stupid to cut yourself so that people will like you im 17 years old and i have proplems fiting in at school but its just stupid to cut yourself to be cool smoke pot insted its more fun than cutting yourself and you cant get sent to a mental instatution for doing drugs

  8. shannon says:

    oh man I love this report…it’s such crap. such bad sterotypes.

  9. alec says:

    Jennifer: That makes no sense. But I agree, you can’t be sent to a mental institution for doing drugs, just to rehab.

    Shannon: agreed.

  10. sam says:

    Does anyone have a link to that quiz? I think Itd be a laugh. plus i want to send it here:

  11. Amber says:

    but its just stupid to cut yourself to be cool smoke pot insted its more fun than cutting yourself and you cant get sent to a mental instatution for doing drugs
    Maybe so… but you can get sent to jail for smoking pot if you are underage, like me. Why don’t you clear your head a bit before saying shit like that.

  12. Amber says:

    Furthermore, I am emo and I do not feel the need to cut myself or cause myself physical harm. I express my emotions in other ways… like writing songs and poems for instance. Not all emos cut themselves, like pookie said. Also, my best friend is emo and he does not cut himself…. He writes music and poetry like I do.
    So, everyone, do us all a favor and get over yourself and your stupid stereotyping.

  13. alec says:

    Amber: I’d love to hear some of your poetry. In fact, there may be room at this blog for you. How many emo points do you have by the way? Cuz I got like a trillion.

  14. Mehoff777 says:

    emos should go cut the outer layer of their skin off and see if it feels good to express themselves…..

  15. johnny von reck says:

    Screw all of you people! I have a bajillion emo points! I’ve attempted suicide three times, AND I write shitty poetry. Think you can beat that?

    • TheNobody2 says:

      Why do you want emo points? Do you really think you should do something so horrible to be cool? I have huundreds of scars and a few semi fresh cuts but I dont think its cool, at all, so why do you?

      • Anonymous says:

        also, poetry doesnt make you emo. I write poems and cut and the poems are depressing but i still dont think im emo

  16. ok, not all emo cut themself unless they have a major issue…
    I also noticed, like alec, they used a sarcastic emo website they also showed the EMO SONG[which is obvious sarcastic, too.]
    Even if they warned their kids about being emo OBVIOUSLY their kids will ignore what they say & become emo….i think that report was stupid…they should care about their own immature problems like beating their neighbor on who has the NEWEST yard accesories[stupid flamangos…i tripped on 1]
    p.s. i have 155 points[lol]
    p.s.s.they used a pic of my myspace friend ALEC

  17. emo chick says:

    what the fuck i cut so what

  18. alec says:

    Haha, what the fuck i cut so what RHYMES. You did that ON PURPOSE. Now I can’t disagree with you.

    OK, EMO SUPPORTER, I’ll give you 50 points if you cut yourself, start a blog on ProseBeforeHos, and upload the picture. Fuck, fuck even that, I’ll just give you the 50 points if you cut yourself and I get to post the picture.

  19. Peter [ fuck all emos ] says:

    p.s.s.they used a pic of my myspace friend ALEC

    your myspace friend? what the fuck go out and find a real friend…

  20. tammy says:

    yes u emo oh no i cant see wat i type my blood squrt on the computer

  21. Thyna says:

    this was so dumb. i cant believe that was a public report. wtf.
    “emo” isn’t dangerous. it’s music, it’s clothes. whatever.
    this was fucking ridiculous.

  22. emo ass says:

    what a fucking shit report. so we’re emo, who gives a crap

  23. alec says:

    It’s my body I do what I want. I cut what I want. I commit hate crimes whiling cutting I do what I want.

  24. BleED says:

    Stupid americans -.- when somone wants to cut his wrist just let him , emo style should be a private thing whats between you and the knife , and not just beeing cool -.-

  25. This news report is so fuckin gay. I’ve never heard so much bull shit. If you wanna be emo then go ahead. If you wanna cut yourselves then go ahead.No ones stopping you. Noones stoping me. So fuck what the police say. Its not their lives its our’s and if we wanna be emo then so be it.And mostly fuck all those haters out there that hate us becuz they wanna be us and can’t becuz their to pussy. I cut myseft and I love it…Is my life and so be it….

  26. um whats an emo scale and where can i get one?…lol

  27. Kit says:

    I keep my emo scale next to my emo toilet. It always crys when I drop a deuce in.

  28. where can i find one…i’m not asking about your emo toilet! gosh!

  29. alec says:

    For an emo scale, just cut yourself until you cannot feel pain any more, but collect the blood in a bowl. When you are done, weigh the bowl. If you only have a little blood, your pain is fake and not emo enough. If you have a lot, you are entitled to a cardigan sweater and a free appe-teaser at Applebee’s

  30. hahahaha..funny! i mean the free appe-teaser at Applebee’s

  31. alec says:

    The appe-teaser at Applebee’s is AWESOME. A free awesome blossom onion with EXTREME fajitas.

  32. By the way Alec how old are you?

  33. does anyone here have myspace?

  34. alec says:

    I’m 50, hate pants, and love cutters.

  35. alec says:

    By the way, incredible Google ad for this page — “Oh No – I’m Emo”

  36. wow your 50..I’m just 14…but you rock !

  37. Kit says:

    Pants are for fags

  38. XAngelxTearsX says:

    Is anyone here like under 18?!…lol

  39. alec says:

    No, we’re all gross old men. Really, really gross.

  40. meme says:

    everyone says im emo because i cut myself and im very emotional but i dont see myself as emo!!!!

  41. cripples says:

    hey im emo. well my friends dont like me sayin that but who cares. i cut myself just so i wont feel pain. it helps me. and those ppl r gay. i cant believe they think emo is wrong. i hate how ppl are like emos are weird they wont get far in life. well im emo i cut myself and i have a 97 gpa. so FUCK YOU!!! no im not a dork

  42. Kit says:

    There is only one true emo:

  43. alec says:

    Wait, doesn’t cutting yourself mean you DO feel pain? I mean cutting hurts brah! Just like life and society and the darkness that encompasses my life in society.

  44. XAngelxTearsX says:

    lol I see…I only cut when I feel sad and when I remember how bad it feels to love someone who doesn’t love you back…I’ve done so many things for that guy and he doesn’t even care. and thats what hurts me the most! I’m tired of wishing and hopeing and dreaming that someday he is going to like me back but i knoe he isn’t and thats what makes me wanna cut. I’m only 14 and he’s 17 but I really wanna be with him and I bet no other would do the things I do for him or becuz of him.

  45. XAngelxTearsX says:

    and by the way i meant no other GIRL….

  46. meme says:

    i cut myself cause it feels good and it releases all the inside pain….thats the only way i get through life

  47. meme says:

    im sick of life……R.I.P

  48. alec says:

    If any of you guys decide to go on to bigger and better things (like cutting yourself on a webcam), contact me for future internet stardom.

  49. meme says:

    thats gross

  50. meme says:

    i would like to see sum one do that

  51. meme says:

    where do i go

  52. fuck life says:

    so question, what has happened to you all to make you guys turn so fucking emo because i think sure who cares i understand express your self hell i am a cutter and maybe i am not emo maybe i am just an angry person who slashes up my arms and legs and stomach when i am pissed off or hurt but dont, cant let my tears or screams out. maybe that is all i am but i want to know what emo means because i think it is a steriotype i think we are all the same some people just express them selves differently and different people have lived through different shit. I just want to know what happened to you all that was soo bad. i know what happend is happening to me. just wondering if you do it for statement and body art or because you have real pain and shit harbored inside. anyways ta

  53. meme says:

    yeah i guesse ur right

  54. alec says:

    yah i got mad pain buried beneath the darkness that resides beneath the darkness of my soul which is also layered by burritos and more darkness. and man that little man inside of me won’t shut up but i hope he likes burritos cuz that’s what he’s getting.

  55. meme says:


  56. fuck life says:

    Holy shit guys. Guess what i am reformed…all better…just the dandiest happiest smiling good kid ever!!! Ha ha. or so they think… Cut off my hair put on some makeup…your scary, we run away, we have to live with you, we have to put up with you, fuck that shit, actually I would move out if I could, and guess what you are all rid of me in 28 days anyway so stop pouting. I HATE BOARDING SCHOOL!!!!!!! but whatever i dont care. The meme and alec and everyone here understands me right. You guys know what I mean. its just other people dont. That is what I hate. And then all your so called friends turn thier backs on you just because you arent hiding in yourself anymore you are coming out. Shouldn’t that be a good thing? Whatever though. Ciao

  57. Kit says:

    You should cum out on your face and then put it up on your myspace. Links plz.

  58. Gomez says:

    You guys are so fucked up and should hang yourselves to rid the world of your pathetic filth. You think your so deep and see the worlds problems so clearly but your not that bright and we are not that blind. You need to quit balling and get a job and a life!!

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  60. Gomez says:

    Speechless in the face of reality leave it to an emo

  61. Joslin says:

    Hey emo ppl are the fuckin shit. Yea, depresion hhurts, but we all hurt in more than one way! Cutting is just a trend, so they think. But once you really do it, it becomes the one and only thing in this world that really matters. I cut and shit but does that make me emo? I dnt wear the “EXTREME” emo look, but I do wear dark and dreary shit. I love band shirts. My favorite thing to do is listen to “Bury Me In Black” and just cry and cut. It’s what I am. L8er. I heart The Used and Chris Bolton

  62. alec says:

    God me too, if I could describe my cutting it would be XTRM, not even extreme because that’s not extreme enough to describe my XTRMness. CUTTING TO THE XTRM!!!!!

  63. meme says:

    yeah i feel ya

  64. fuck life says:

    hell yeah. Me too.

  65. XAngelxTearsX says:

    same here

  66. meme says:

    man i got ot see my hteripist today…..

  67. Guy that hates emos says:

    Hey, you faggots. You emos are ruining our society by being so fucking gay. Stop trying to be cool by cutting yourself, all it does is make people go, “Hey your emo, you are gay.” Plus, you guys ruined the whole Goth system, because now people go up to goth people and say, “Hey, your not all dark and stuff, your just a gay emo that likes to make out with guys.” That is why there are so many school shootings from goth’s lately, because of you faggots coming along.

  68. alec says:

    I think Goth’s and Emo’s should fight each other for the right to be picked on by me (jocks).

  69. steph says:

    im not emo and i cut myself. cutting helps me with life. and i have tried to commit suicide but i dont tally up points because of it. some ppl are really weird.

  70. alec says:

    ive done the same but to the extreme. have you ever cut yourself and eaten like a thousand of your moms special pills while wearing 3 sweaters and listening to weezer? doubtful cuz im mad emo and youll respect that

  71. hahahahahaaa! says:

    If you have ATTEMPTED suicide, then you really have missed the point. If you really cant hack society and are too weak to shut the fuck up and go live your life like everyone else, then stop attempting and actually DO it. You emos really are funny cunts, listening to MCR in a little room in the suburbs of the richest place in the world thinking you know something about pain. Fucking hilarious.

  72. kaylee says:

    Jeffree star was or is a cutter look at his pictures on his my space a few of them show the scars. his thigh is scarred up …sheesh ppl pay attention.

  73. sunny says:

    EMO cult warning for parents

    The Emos – short for Emotional – regard themselves as a cool, young sub-set of the Goths.

    Although the look is similar, the point of distinction, frightening for schools and parents, is a celebration of self harm.

    (dont stereotype me, bitch)

    The internet has many sites dedicated to Emo fashion (dyed black hair brushed over your face, layering, black, black, black), Emo bands (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), Emo conversation (sighing, wailing, poetry).

    (wailing?????? wtfff????????)

    The Instant Emo Kit site gives advice on identity. Wear a child’s T-shirt with a slogan such as ‘Unhappy Chick’ and drive a Vespa. Above all, ‘show your inner despair by looking like you are too sad to eat. Obesity and emocity do not mix.’

    (oh darn. wow, that site couldnt possibly be full of shit…so i better start starving myself if i wanna stay scene)

    Teenage girls are frightened of manliness: they like boys who look like girls.

    (riiiight. look, eyeliner is hot, bit of black is nice, but no, i DON’T prefer guys that look like girls)

    Who are the male pin-ups for young girls? Johnny Depp and the comedian Russell Brand, who is about 90 per cent Goth.


    It is irresponsible for the fashion and music cultures to encourage it.

    (well Britneys definetly not Emo, shall i follow her lead instead?)


    Well what did you think about that little news article….there are lots like them going around…apparently Emo is now a Cult. That Glorifies Death. Ok, In the beginning….

    Emo had nothing to do with what it means today. It was used way back in the 80s for some kind of music…im not clear on that…but ok, ok, you wanna change that…well more recently, Emo simply meant Emotional. Fair Enough. Then Emo was also a way you dress. Emo then meant you cut yourself. Emo meant you were Bi. Emo meant you like this kind of music, emo music….Emo now means yuo glorify death. “Emoism” (yeah, wtf) is now being blamed for several cases of teen suicides, and all cuttings are being blamed on this “cult”

    I aint in no freaking cult. I admit i call myself an emo sometimes…emo is short for emotional, tada. And i admit i say that i dress Emo. But i dont cut myself. Or tell people its a good idea to kill themselves. Im not Bi!!!!

    Whatever happened to cutters being cutters, and suicidals being suicidals…its ridiclous how much this has all been blown out of proportion.

    Am I totaly alone with my opinion on this?????

  74. alec says:

    Emo is my favorite cult, I cut like 5 times a day and then give petence to my emo god band, Green Day. You are totally alone with your opinion on this.

  75. your sister says:

    blood emos stop cutting yourselfs ill do it for yous

  76. XAngelxTearsX says:

    i just finished the emo scale and I got 38 points!!!….Is that good or what?!

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