Asaf and Tomer Hanuka

The artist of the day is Asaf Hanuka. Asaf is an Israeli comic book artist who, along with his twin brother Tomer, received numerous awards for their series Bipolar.

“being an illustrator is not entirely different than being a traveling salesman. only instead of vacuum cleaners you sell visual metaphors. finding the proper one for each different client is not an easy task, since it’s mostly used where an abstract idea needs to be presented. a good illustration is not only a metaphor of the subject for which it was created, but also a visual combination of form and color that manage, for a brief moment, to have a life of it’s own.” – Interview with Amateur Illustrator

“This image was created for a newspaper in Israel. The article talks about the sad reality of parents preparing themselves mentally for the possibility they will loose their child in the ongoing conflict in the middle east. The grieving starts at the moment the doctor announces they have a boy during the ultrasound scan, and continues until the child finally leaves for his mandatory 3 years army service at 18.” – from Tropical Toxic

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