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The Best Of PBH Network In 2012

The Best Of PBH Network In 2012

5. How Daniel Radcliffe Deals With Paparazzi


Even for former child stars who don’t wind up in rehab, dealing with the paparazzi can be quite rough. And while Harry of yesteryear doesn’t use dark magic against these Nikon-toting Death Eaters, his own defense methods are just as effective.

4. The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona


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Announcing The Speckled Axe

Speckled Axe Logo

We are proud to announce that we have launched an exciting new site devoted to politics, economics and culture: Speckled Axe. Getting its name from a passage in Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography on the pursuit of self-betterment, Speckled Axe is about providing the most relevant, compelling and shareworthy commentary and journalism to the internet’s most active participants.

We all know that the internet is full of opinions and perspectives, so what makes Speckled Axe special? We provide intelligence on what matters to an audience that knows the difference between meaningful and menial. Speckled Axe is about you, for you and its pieces are written by people like you. Read our articles, follow us on Tumblr and Twitter and engage with us on Facebook!



Write For The PBH Network’s New Website

Write For The PBH Networks New Website

The PBH Network is pleased to invite independent minded writers to apply for freelance writing positions in the following fields: political correspondence, international relations, economics, sports, and pop culture and music. Reaching over six million unique visitors a month, the PBH Network is a collection of five unique websites whose content ranges from politics to Internet culture. Currently, we seek writers for two of our sites: ProseBeforeHos and the Speckled Axe. The former is dedicated to the snarkier and more satirical side of politics; the latter is in the final stages of development but will be devoted to current events, politics, culture, and developments of national and international interest. We are looking for individuals who are consistent in quality and timeliness, able to work independently, and have a bold, confident and sophisticated tone that fits within our readers’ interests and mindset.

In addition to a brief introduction about yourself and your background, applicants should submit the following: two writing samples based on topics that you find appealing, your fields of interest and two potential article ideas about which you would like to write.

Please send requested materials to We look forward to hearing from you!



Internship Opportunity With The PBH Network

Intern With The PBH Network

The PBH Network is pleased to offer internship opportunities designed for college students or young professionals who seek more experience in social media, online brand management, and content coordination and marketing. Interns will only need to work from a location with fast and reliable Internet access, and have the added benefit of drafting a schedule that corresponds with their availability. The primary tasks are day-to-day site maintenance and content promotion on various social networking platforms.

All applicants must have experience with social networking sites, a basic comprehension of image editing, and a strong interest in social media and online promotion.

We ask that all applicants submit the following:

– A detailed résumé.
– A one-page letter stating qualifications and what you are looking to gain from an internship.
– Any necessary documents for college credit.

Please send all application materials to



ESPN’s Social Media Win On Super Bowl Media Day

ESPN's Social Media Win On Super Bowl Media Day

On Tuesday morning, SportsCenter’s Twitter account asked for followers to submit questions that they would want answered by Giants and Patriots players during the Super Bowl’s media day. I replied with a insightfully silly question: Who is your favorite ninja turtle and why?

I wasn’t expecting an answer, let alone an acknowledgement, but it turns out the social media folks at SportsCenter and ESPN were listening dutifully to the social conversation. Within an hour and a half of my Tweet, my question was chosen, a reporter on the ground asked the question to Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and the answer was taped, put online, and Tweeted out to me and the general public.

Think about those dynamics for a moment. Through following a brand on Twitter, I was able to connect with a major athlete about to play in the Super Bowl about a show we both watched as children. Now that’s successful social engagement.

And it certainly didn’t hurt the answer was pretty good (though the right answer is Leonardo – sorry BenJarvus):


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