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Holiday Traffic

Wow, a lot to be thankful for this season; the interstates are clogged the and the shopping center parking lots are more dangerous than most full contact sports. Bad enough that most of these people are in a hurry, on a cellphone, eating, inserting dvds, or all of the above for that matter; some of them are probably also too old to be driving.
Due to the imminent onslaught that is going to come full swing with the aging baby boomer generation, I am particularly thankful that most old people still drive buicks and crown vic’s. I think it should stay that way. As big as of a weapon that these vehicles can be, and as many times as i mistake them for a cop, they are oftentimes the innocent driver’s only indication that danger lurks in front of you.

I think defensive driving is a skill which we will need to take to a new level if we are going to survive as a species into the near future.



Love to post the most
Intoxicated rantings
These poems trump, bitches

I see many roads
What poses danger to us?
Hidden agendas

Eternal seascape
Our fortress may soon erode
Fear can never end

Seasons change so fast
Harming now without remorse
Does nature value?


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