Holiday Traffic

Wow, a lot to be thankful for this season; the interstates are clogged the and the shopping center parking lots are more dangerous than most full contact sports. Bad enough that most of these people are in a hurry, on a cellphone, eating, inserting dvds, or all of the above for that matter; some of them are probably also too old to be driving.
Due to the imminent onslaught that is going to come full swing with the aging baby boomer generation, I am particularly thankful that most old people still drive buicks and crown vic’s. I think it should stay that way. As big as of a weapon that these vehicles can be, and as many times as i mistake them for a cop, they are oftentimes the innocent driver’s only indication that danger lurks in front of you.

I think defensive driving is a skill which we will need to take to a new level if we are going to survive as a species into the near future.


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  1. alec says:

    Hahaha, nice. I agree on the old people, they seemed to have mastered the art of driving slow and recklessly, which I thought was an impossible combination.

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