Washington DC, Special Edition

Seeing as I’m a nearby resident of the wonderful city of Washington DC, I thought I would do a nice informal edition dedicated to America’s capital. Though a wonderful city from bars and clubs to museums and sight-seeing, the city has been in run into the ground by local officials for decades. As a fathers friend once said to me (who had been involved all over the world with the State Department and USAID — including numerous Middle East and African governments), “the District has the most corrupt government I have ever seen.” And with that intro, I bring you a special edition to my city.

No bid contracts, favoritism passed down from government officials. All pretty routine in DC, and now a few years later, everyone acknowledges the problem after the fact. If you pay taxes in DC, you may as well dump off a large bag of money on Marion Barry’s front yard.

So basically after you have this happen, the first people that get short changed are schools.

Then after you had white flight from Washington DC in the 1960’s, you had black flight in the 1980’s. What’s happening now? Oh, crime now flows out of Washington DC, into Prince George’s County in Maryland. PG County in Maryland, next to DC, has one of the highest murder rates in the Nation. And DC itself spends over 40 million dollars a year just for security personnel at schools.

Navy investigators target gay sailors in DC. That’s a good way to spend money. Fuck Iraq or Osama Bin Laden. I want queers who like Madonna to get nailed.

Oh, and all of our sports teams suck. Especially the Redskins.


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