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i drew this for you today

I saw you on the bus and I drew this for you today

You acted like I wasn’t there, just like everyone else in my life. Why don’t they hear my cries?

But maybe you will soon. I need you. You need me. You just don’t know it yet.



SO over

i don’t understand how you could break it off. especially after that pancake breakfast i took you to. i fucking hate pancakes, and you know that. you are one twisted person, bragging to everyone that you were an extra in Armageddon…NO ONE gives a shit!! did you forget to mention that your real job involves a mop and a bucket of soap?!?!

just to let you know, i’ve moved on, and it’s YOUR loss. if i see you out at a bar, i won’t hesitate to request Chumbawama, because I know how much you hate them.



I miss your…

I miss your lies.

You don’t have any friends. Bartenders and waitresses don’t count. And remember that guy who you drove 3 hours to see? He hasn’t called or emailed you in 3 months. That doesn’t count either.

I lied on the plane last night, just to see how you continually feel. I hated it.

ps. happy birthday


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