Blog me up, Buttercups

Blog Roundup, this week in an easy 1 to 10 fashion. This better keep you god damn occupied!

1. Why the media hates Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

Did you notice a pattern? Both Paul and Kucinich are against the influence of lobbyists, war profiteers, deficit spending, and big government, to name just a few.

2. Conveniently, it seems everyone in Washington has forgotten that the National Intelligence Estimate says that Iran is a virtual non-threat in regards to a WMD program. Ablogistan covers the 2008 Defense Authorization Act:

Congress finds that Iran maintains a nuclear program in continued defiance of the international community while developing ballistic missiles of increasing sophistication and range that:
(1) pose a threat to–
(A) the forward-deployed forces of the United States;
(B) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies in Europe; and
(C) other allies and friendly foreign countries in the region; and
(2) eventually could pose a threat to the United States homeland.

And don’t forget that “An overwhelming majority of Iranians, 70 percent, favor normal relations and trade with the United States, a nationwide poll conducted by Terror Free Tomorrow has found.” Ooooops.

3. Deputy Dog covers the most controversial boardgames.

4. Joey DeVilla tracks 70 scenes from Simpsons scenes and their reference movies.

5. The Science of Stimulus by Russ Roberts.

…One answer is that a healthy patient doesn’t need medicine. But the other possibility is that it’s all hot air. Maybe we don’t know how to make a $14 trillion economy move very quickly. And if we did, it would take a lot more than an injection of even 125 billion dollars.

6. No wonder we make fun of Christians.

7. 130 billion gallons of fresh water to produce 41 billion gallons of bottled water. Oh yeah, another 18 million barrels of oil to make the bottles. Kind of a waste?

8. Obama to End Federal Raids on Medical Marijuana Patients.

9. No Rich People were harmed in making this recession

10. And for those of us discouraged enough with the economy and politics at large to spend the remainder of one’s days in a drug-induced coma… it’s how to get high on a can of coke!


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