Some Blogs I Am Reading Because A State-Funded Board Certified Me As Semi-Literate

1. This:

2. The [tag]Atlantic Review[/tag] has an excellent post on future quagmire building in [tag]Iran[/tag], and how many we need in our daily diet:

Tired of the same old boring quagmire? Looking for a new kind of quagmire to talk about with your friends? Good news if you are, because Iraq is not the only quagmire around. No need to look far—keep it in the “[tag]axis of evil[/tag].” Iraq’s neighbor, Iran is also a quagmire of a sorts… a diplomatic quagmire for the transatlantic allies.

3. If this is at all possible, [tag]Bill Clinton[/tag] claims they’ve been running their campaign “on a shoestring”:

The former president spoke as if he were back in the grass-roots insurgency that he and his wife brought to the presidential campaign trail in 1992. “We’ve gotten plenty of delegates on a shoestring,” he said recently. He didn’t mention that his wife’s campaign has raised and burned through more than $140 million so far. That’s a lot of shoestring, even in Washington.

4. Life imitates The Big Lebowski over at [tag]Byron Crawford[/tag]. Now, the post itself isn’t actually first rate but the discussion (over 200 comments as of right now) has got itself a race war on its hand. And who knew, on a black mans website and everything!

5. Some short asides: Russia is seeing minimal increases in its oil production, Was Edwards really the working class candidate?, 25 Questions to Think About Before Your Next Job Interview, Bush’s Enemy #1: [tag]Dennis Kucinich[/tag], and a firm of which [tag]Prescott Bush[/tag] was a director was involved with the financial architects of [tag]Nazism[/tag].


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