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1. From the Seminal (who I recently added all up on my own slog of the blog-o-blech), George Bush’s Top Ten Choices for the Next President of Cuba:

#10) Jacques Chirac — “he’s got experience running a commie regime.”

#9) “That nice Cuban maid who taught me to read when I was 14.”

#8) Elmer Fudd — “one bad ass outlaw replaces another.”

#7) Will Smith — “what can’t he do?”

#6) Hillary Clinton — “look Hil, you are president. Syke!!”

#5) Chico Escuela

#4) Sasquatch — “just to prove he exists”

#3) Hyman Roth

#2) Jeb Bush, Marvin Bush or Neil Bush — “nobody will notice, trust me brothers.”

#1) “Shit, if I knew where it was maybe I’d know who to appoint.”

2. 9/11, an Oil Mans Wet Dream:

In the late spring of 2001, Vice President Cheney held a series of top secret meetings with the representatives of Exxon-Mobil, Conoco, Shell and BP America for what was later called the Energy Task-force. Their job, ostensibly, was to map out America’s Energy future. Since late 2001 several public interest groups, including the very conservative Judicial Watch, sued to have the proceedings of those meetings opened to public scrutiny. In March 2002, the Commerce Department turned over a few documents from the Task-force meetings to Judicial Watch, among which was the map of Iraq’s Oil Fields, dated March 2001 (above) and a list of the existing “Foreign Suitors” for Iraq Oil.

3. The Big List of things that piss off Muslims. Some how they managed to forget premarital intercourse, The Big Noses, and grizzly bears.

4. Mike Huckabee isn’t going to quit until Lord Jeebus makes him:

The secular media just can’t understand: “But what are the chances? What are the chances either of these will happen? What rational person keeps going with such small odds?”
Who? A fundamentalist Christian, that’s who.

5. Other things to waste your time with: Teen pirates an entire human immune system, Peggy Noonan Uses Ebonics to Describe Michelle Obama, Bush Approval at 19% – Officially ‘Worst President Ever’, Mike Huckabee entertains us on SNL, McCain has some serious spending issues, Welcome to the jungle: How “gotcha capitalism” has destroyed the American social contract, and Welcome To Mike Huckabee’s America: Bigoted, Ill-Informed, and Ignorant.

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