ive lost my ability to converse with original thought, its all blog roundup for me

In one of the more hilarious blogs I’ve read in a while is a ‘4/29 Truth’ website (referring to the bridge in California that was supposedly melted and destroyed on April 29th). Check out this choice quote:

Unlike the World Trade Center, the 580/980/880/80 overpass was reinforced against earthquakes and was not under the enormous compressive load that the towers were when they fell. The overpass was designed to support gridlocked traffic in an earthquake, but it collapsed without even a single car on it. The fire consumed only 8,600 gallons of fuel, whereas the WTC was allegedly brought down by 24,000 gallons of fuel. Does Governor Schwarzenegger really expect us to believe a story even more preposterous than the already-discredited official story about 9/11?To answer the question “Who is responsible for this terrible tragedy?” we must ask who stood to gain the most. George Soros? The California Department of Transportation? The Jews?

Of course, I’m not that silly — I blame a whole contingent of amorphous, ambiguous shadow groups from the liberal jew atheist media to the conservative oil corporate tycoons. Speaking of anti-Semitism, check out this wonderful clip of teflan racist/opportunist Al Sharpton talking about ‘jewing up numbers’ (what the hell does that even mean and who listens to Al Sharpton in the first place?).

Time for good news/bad news. Good news: there is a delicious Asian rip-off of Starbucks that will soon saturate the market and hopefully poison your pets. Bad News: Mitt Romney’s favorite novel is a Ron L. Hubbard book (Scientology and Mormonism combined?!?!). Good news: of 500 terrorist attacks in Europe in 2006, only 1 was carried out by Islamists. Bad News: Cops Admit To Planting Marijuana on 92 Year Old Woman Killed in Botched Drug Raid. Good News: there are plenty of rich women around that you can marry if you’re too much of a slob to make your own wealth. Bad News: trying to bomb an abortion clinic isn’t terrorism, it’s just a political movement.

Ultra-best good news: we got in our first blog scuffle with a bunch of uptight and unruly Democrats (because supporting Dennis Kucinich makes sense, RIGHT?).

PS. I still hate Bill O’Reilly (ignorant fans included), from Think Progress: A new study by Indiana University media researchers finds that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly calls “a person or a group a derogatory name once every 6.8 seconds, on average, or nearly nine times every minute during the editorials that open his program each night.” I wonder if they’re guilty of quoting him accurately?


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