Libby Legal Defense Trust For Well-Groomed Sycophants

Do you just DREAM of the day when you can bail out Scooter Libby? Now you can:

Mary Matalin former assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, is sending out letters requesting donations to the “Libby Legal Defense Trust.”

“Will you join me in helping support a good conservative, a true patriot, and a loyal friend who has come under attack? His name is Lewis Libby. But everyone calls him “Scooter.'”

After many years in government he doesn’t have near enough savings to pay for the effective defense he needs to prove these charges are completely baseless and that his conviction should be overturned. Scooter Libby is facing years in jail and huge fines, he needs our immediate help.”

Everytime you donate to the foundation, a minority goes to community college! Take that and suck on it, Horatio Alger!

In a similar vain, I suggest everyone take the Blasphemy Challenge. You get a free DVD and hey, free souls.

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