Democratz seyz: I want my baby back ribs (bbq iraq sauce)

If you get erections from political sellouts, this week was your week to shine (with hard-ons). No sooner did the Democrats get control of the House and Senate on the anti-War, anti-Bush platform did they cave in to have their pockets lined with delicious government money. Oh boy, the sea of change:

We are in the midst of an intellectual crisis in this country where certain dogmatic and incoherent beliefs are allowed to dominate the discourse in spite of the fact that they are demonstrably false. It’s one of the most difficult problems we ace.

Other things worth checking out: War Crimes at Waiter Rant, where he dissects the idea of fellatio practicing and chocha shaving, Think Before You Post (or you may have hot 40 year old males waiting for your underwear), and yet another funny/sad example of Fox News “interesting” take on the world.


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  1. AlvinBlah says:

    yeah, it’s some pretty sad bullshit that no one is really trying to end the war, but hey. The longer it lasts, the more democrats that will be in office in 2008.

    And fuck that logic…that’s bullshit. No political office is worth perpetuating armed conflict that will be closed out. It’s a sad sad day that america is willing to keep it’s war on because it’s an election year.

  2. alec says:

    Haha. Seriously, I didn’t even think of that logic. But I know Obama & Co. all have major woodies thinking about Bush leaving office with 100,000 plus troops still left in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. alec says:

    By the way, the Google Ad for this page is “Grill Pork to Perfection”… exactly what this fucking bill should have been called.

  4. AlvinBlah says:

    I do like some of the rules the google ads have for reading text, no sense of connotation.

    I’ve heard some election theory that is calling this election the final nail in the republican party coffin. That is too big of a prize for the Democrats to let go of.

    Especially if all the Dems need to do to keep popular is to bitch about the war, and pass some domestic spending bills.

    The Republicans are really throwing 2008 away in more ways than one. I do get why the Democrats are taking the route that they are, but it’s costing lives, money, and the reputation of the USA. I’m still pretty pissed off about it.

  5. alec says:

    Well, if anyone can find a way to blow 2008, it’s the Democrats. Fuck, remember 2004? I’m more electable than John Kerry.

  6. AlvinBlah says:

    Yeah, I think 2008 will go to a democrat unless they fuck it up for themselves. The republican contenders are so weak right now.

  7. alec says:

    I dunno, I’d kind of like to get Ron Paul’s protein strands stuck between my teeth, if you know what I mean.

    =======|) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. AlvinBlah says:

    I honestly think Ron Paul is a lot of hype, his campaign was busted for stacking stories on Digg.

  9. alec says:

    Really? where’s the link for that? Ron Paul owns Digg & Reddit. 🙁

  10. tianli NaturalPotent says:

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