The Descent into Blog Nihilism

Hello Blog World! Another successful week of the ol’ blog-o-rehea and man, look at what it gave us! Probably the greatest conversation on PBH (a true Happy Memorial Day!) followed closely by the first installment of Ask a Shiite. Anyway, I’m proud that things didn’t descend into utter chaos and name-calling, though I have been compiling a long list of inaccurate and morally reprehensible comparisons to Communists and Nazi’s to anyone who dares disagree with me and my glass-house liberal beliefs.

First stop to Byron Crawford for a modern day classic. If there’s one thing black people love, it’s condiments apparently.

I remember when I used to work in a White Castle, and I would have issues with people wanting so many packs of ketchup. I’d give them their order and toss a couple of packs in the bag, but then they’d take a look in the bag and be like, Nah, nigga, we need like two handfuls of ketchup.

On the intellectual blog block (cuz you know I need my intellectual masturbation), the Atlantic Review has an interesting post on obsession on transatlantic relations. To quote Kindergarten Cop, Americans have penises’, the French have vaginas. That, and they LOVE surrendering to the Nazi’s. And yes, everything I learn is from books featuring Sean Hannity in American warm-up suits on the cover.

Other noteworthy news: Coming Anarchy has a preview on the latest Kaplan article, a four foot ledge makes an excellent suicide platform, Pundits are always wrong (how did he know??), you should always leave comments on blogs (specifically with your name and phone number so I can call you at 4 in the morning and tell you the many reasons you’re wrong), and remember, a vagina is a terrible thing to waste.


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  1. Laura says:

    Sorry that you don’t like so many posts.

  2. Poker Gratis says:

    Bom dia:), o meu nome é Andreia estudo Fisioterapia e adorei imenso do teu blogue! Muito bonita sim senhora!
    Aplica-se exactamente com tudo aquilo que aqui vi.Hoje sempre há muito para falar nos blogs!Nada nada mais intrigante do que implementar a nossa ideia espalhada pelo mundo!
    Até à próxima 🙂

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