Sarkozy Hearts Deportations

Continuing on the tradition of brown people and where they deserve to be, apparently Sarkozy wants to get rid of 125,000 immigrants, right off the bat! I wonder if they can just stick a big needle in the banlieues and suck out all the Muslims? Then they could stick them right in Darfur, and hey, free fun!

In more asinine news, McCain comes out against Net Neutrality; Says would hire Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Steve fucking Ballmer. Not only that, but McCain has a good case of the Ted Stevens TUBES: “McCain said he did not think government regulation of internet service providers to stop them from censoring, slowing down, or otherwise disrupting consumer’s access to the internet in order to stifle competitors or undesirable content was an appropriate solution. In fact, McCain even seemed at one point to be open to ISPs censoring consumer’s internet experience to block access to competitors’ services, saying at one point “When you control the pipe you should be able to get profit from your investment.”

I could be wrong but, it’s pretty hard to respect some B&T chick who comes out to spend the night at my place even though she’s seeing someone else in New jersey and winds up tongue-bathing the taint of anyone who decides 30 minutes of droning commentary on Colin Farrell’s new haircut is worth putting up with for a hand job in the men’s room.

Other things that make you say hmmmmm: You can use condoms to make a fire, you can use the internet to see pictures of Hiroshima after the bombing, you can wonder what the architect smoked, you can attend your frat wedding, you can get a million dollars for offering your tid bits on political sex scandals, or you can just have a delicious diet water.


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