That Pound of Cocaine Sounds Mighty Good

Yesterday was not a good day for Rudy Giuliani. Apart from being exposed as part vampire, A report says he was kicked off the Iraq Study Group for poor attendance and his South Carolina finance chair was caught with a pound of cocaine. Now, call me crazy, but when I’m on a coke binge, the last thing I want to do is be around a bunch of uptight white fucks talking about Iraq. Actually, when I’m on a coke binge, I like to be in the darkness of a strip club backroom with the majority of my torso exposed and a pair of sunglasses put on sideways. But that’s just me.

Anyway, to those who says socialism doesn’t work:

I am sick and tired of reading ignorant people who’ve never read anything Marx or Engels wrote (except possibly the Communist Manifesto) baselessly claim that ’socialism doesn’t work’.

My simple response to people who spout this empty rhetoric is to ask: how do you know?

Ever since the West witnessed the horror that was the Soviet Union and red China, the dream of socialism has been inexorably married in our literature, politics, rhetoric and culture to these perverse manifestations of totalitarianism. The impact of these horrors has struck all sides of the political spectrum from the left to the right. On left, we have seen them seemingly no longer willing to call themselves ’socialists’ so they go by monkiers like “anarco-socialists” which, at least under the original definition of the term, is as redundant a phrase as PIN number, ATM machine, or NDP party.

Updated: Socialism, and this, give me an erection.

Remember Those Missing Emails? Looks Like Staffers Accidentally Sent 500 Emails to, Not Domain Operator? Anti-Bush Activist Who Holds the Evidence:

I’m listening to Greg Palast on Democracy Now! talking about how Karl Rove’s lackeys totally screwed up when they were sending emails about firing US Attorneys for not being Republican Party and Karl Rove friendly. It seems that instead of sending the emails they typed up to they sent it to which is a domain that friends of Greg Palast’s own. Greg Palast now has 500 of the Karl Rove emails. What was revealed in the emails reviewed by RFK Jr. had him saying (paraphrasing) that “Rove et al should be in jail, not in office.”

Other things worth a glance: First Potentially Habitable Planet Outside the Solar System, Most People Are Depressed For a Very Good Reason, Hip Hop Isn’t Dying, It Just Sucks, Reality Check: Who’s the bigger terrorist – the USA or Al Qaeda?, and The Problem with the 8-Hour Workday.

Update Number 2: This is one incoherent fucking blog round-up. I’ll be putting up a new one Friday morning.


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  1. Steve Olson says:

    I had a hard time understanding this post. Are you a socialist or against socialism?

    Star Wars and Harry Potter are both quite old stories.

  2. alec says:

    That is because this post made absolutely no sense. And I am to blame for that. I had a lot of old links that I really wanted to put up that were really unrelated to each other unfortunately. I’ll try harder in the future.

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