Keep Reaching For The Golden Ring America

Four years of hot XXX American Occupation, and those damn brown people still can’t get it right! Oh jeez louise:

Iraq has emerged as the world’s second most unstable country, behind Sudan, more than four years after President George W. Bush ordered the U.S. invasion to topple Saddam Hussein, according to a survey released on Monday.

The 2007 Failed States Index, produced by Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace, said Iraq suffered a third straight year of deterioration in 2006 with diminished results across a range of social, economic, political and military indicators. Iraq ranked fourth last year.

As eloquently stated by Amanda at Pandagon:

As of today, we’ve spent $436,458,000,000 on this adventure war, and still Bush failed to make Iraq the #1 most fucked-up country on the planet.

Keeping up with my community services of all things feminist and Pandagon related (since we inherently hate females due to our hilarious blog logo), and to do some poetic reiterating, you’re stretching when you say:

Translation: We can accept advertising of sexual devices if they are advertised as benefiting men. But if they insinuate something as crazy as the concept that men should respect women’s bodies, health, and choices, then they’re way out of line.

Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure men and women both benefit from use of contraceptives.

In the international blogosphere, CA has a post with commercial from different countries on military recruitment. The Russian one forgot to mention the wonders of officer-inflicted hazing. Publius has a post on if Russia Supplying Attack Aircraft to Syria, ThreatsWatch on the Net-Centric Operations of Terrorist Groups, and read his take on 54 Million Dollar Pants Lawsuit which has taken on the uncomfortable element of race and Korean/Black relations.

Other thoughts and sounds across the BLOGOSPHERE: Being Middle Class in America Sucks (and if you think that, I think you should try being lower class, say, in Zambia), China Overtakes U.S. As Leading CO2 Polluter, 5 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water, This Woman is Supposed to Disgust You, and ‘Exercise pill’ switches on gene that tells cells to burn fat.


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