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It’s the first BLOG ROUNDUP, where I try to pull out the best entries from my favorite blogs across the ol’ internet. It will follow no distinct pattern but hopefully will pique your interests on several levels. If you’re interested in being considered or trading links, email me at [email protected]

In the greatest GOP news of the day, the Supreme Court upheld most of the Texas redistricting plan which “As a result of the new boundaries, Republicans picked up five House seats in Texas, emerging with 21-11 majority” (where they had previously were in the slim majority, 15 to 17). This can also be remarked as ‘the great white hope for maintaining a hegemony over the guise of democracy’. The Washington Post details the biggest winners and losers who were, as always, people with souls or hope for future prosperity.

The BBC blog talks about the reporting on Gaza and how difficult ‘neutrality’ is to come by. What is kidnapping, defense, offense, attacks, aggression from both sides? If you want to take an in-depth course on semantics in the media, try the spin used on the Israeli / Palestinian conflict in especially the United States media.

Atlantic Review — a site specializing on German American relations (and one who I wrote a piece for on German militarization also at PubliusPundit) — does a transatlantic roundup on the effects of Guantanamo on public relations and diplomatic efforts, the changing faces and views of the neocon movement, and a new development — German patriotism!

ESPN’s Bill Simmons has one of the funniest summaries of the NBA draft last night, including these choice tid bits:

I’m getting woozy. And not to nitpick with the Worldwide Leader, but instead of learning tidbits in the info graphics, “Childhood pastimes: Built treehouses, hunted squirrels and rabbits,” couldn’t we find out stuff like “SUV, Hummer or sports car?” and “Number of unemployed buddies who will be moving in with him?”

That’s followed by one more nasty look from Stern, then Utah taking a mortified Ronnie Brewer (who has a “Wait, isn’t that the city with no black people?” look on his face).

Also, Chris Matthews wrestles Stephen Colbert.


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