Republicans Don’t Fight

Welcome to the Republican version of America:

I’m sorry to announce that even when the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and all the other Republican Chickenhawks are mercifully out of our lives, a whole new breed of big-talk-no-action types are waiting in the wings to proudly proclaim “I love war — but for God’s sake don’t ask me to go!”

In politics, Another Day, Another 17,000 Lies By Condoleezza Rice, President Bush plans to turn over his presidential powers to Dick Cheney tomorrow while he undergoes a colonscopy procedure (NOOOOOOOOOOO), and Richard Nixon Thought Fred Thompson Was “Dumb As Hell”.

In international relations, Atlantic Review asks if America will be Bombing Iran or Ignoring Ahmadinejad, Amanda at Pandagon writes on Israeli Doublespeak on torture and ‘physical pressure’, and Kaplan is coming out with his latest book, Hog Pilots & Blue Water Grunts, in September.

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  1. Good work, I enjoyed the tiny revolution comment “Whoa, man, don’t be calling my girl Condi no liar. Palestinia is like halfway around the world – who can keep track of every little thing that happens over there? Sheesh.”
    Also thought the Fred Thompson v. Nixon story was great. Fred Thompson should be on one of those reality TV shows for washed up celebs instead of running for president. Or perhaps that is the way of the future… I doubt it.
    Also check out the story on the daily green about the newest FEMA scandal…

  2. I keep saying it–republicans are actually little whiny bitches. They’re pussy-ass control freaks who wont eat their fucking broccoli.

  3. You’re right on… notice the way they never face the facts or the real issues; when confronted with them they change the subject or imply that the debate is harmful either to ‘the cause’ or to their feelings. Come the f- on… this is politics and war. In politics, as in relationships, tactics like stalling debate, misdirection, and pretending to take things personally are harmful. The longer you lie the more you come to believe your own lies. Resolution of the problems at hand sounds like a more effective tactic than stirring up more lies and controversy unnecessarily.

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