What’s Hot on the Web: Debate Edition

Last night’s Vice Presidential Debate created an absolute avalanche of great Internet content – both funny and poignant. We wanted to use this opportunity to collect our favorites to share with you.

5. Bill Maher Tweets

bill-maher-tweetBill Maher isn’t known for levelheadedness or moderate tendencies, but he sure is funny. Plenty of Old vs. Young  jokes were made during last night’s Vice Presidential debate, but Maher’s was one of the wittiest.

4. Parallels

vp-debate-parks-and-recThis photoset comes with no context or witty text overlay – it was just a simple tumblr upload by user uppity minx. It’s one of those things we wish we’d thought of first.

3. FactCheck.org: Veep Debate Violations


If you ask us, the FactCheck.org’s team has created the end all-be all of fact checking compilations from last night’s “Thrill in the Ville” (the debate was held in Danville, KY). Their dedicated staff fact checked both sides of the debate – here are a couple stand outs:

‘Ryan was wrong when he said a rise in the jobless rate in Biden’s hometown was “how it’s going all around America.” The rate nationally has sunk back to where it was when Obama took office. And in Ryan’s hometown, it’s more than 4 percentage points lower that it was at the start of Obama’s term.’


‘Biden seemed to question Ryan’s assertion that administration officials called Syrian President Bashar Assad “a reformer” even when he was killing his own civilian countrymen. Ryan was right. Early in the bloody Syrian uprising Hillary Clinton called Assad a “different leader” who many in Congress believe is “a reformer.”’

2. Bean-Gate


Click photo to embiggen

The Internet is awash with many differing opinions on the VP Debate, but one topic that is quietly making the rounds is the “Bean” story from Paul Ryan (which, in case you missed it, was a heartwarming tale of seeing his daughter’s sonogram, thinking she looked like a little bean – which led to her post-birth nickname of “Bean”). Touching? Sure. Cute? You bet.
Lifted from the life of Kurt Cobain? Whaa?
Any self-respecting Nirvana/Kurt Cobain fan knows that his daughter’s full name is Francis Bean Cobain – they gave her the middle name Bean because he and Courtney Love thought she looked like a kidney bean in the sonogram.
Eerily familiar, eh?

(Addendum: We’re not saying Paul Ryan is lying. We just think the coincidence is incredibly silly.)

1. The Official “Biden to English” Dictionary


We leave you with this gem. Well done, Jest.com.


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