The 1/2 hour news hour

Holy shit did anyone happen to be watching fox news last night. I caught the 1/2 hour news hour and it blew my mind. The show, first off, is a blatant ripoff of the shows like The Daily Show, Weekend Update, and other such shows. But those shows appear on Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live. This was on Fox News…. Can you think of any other comedy show on any other news network? Secondly, every joke contained obvious political undertones and even the “irony” was lost from the intended sarcasm because the conservative agenda could be seen a mile away. The subject of the entirety of the jokes and trash-talking included electric cars, hybrid and biodiesel technology, a fictional account of ed begley jr getting arrested and raped by gangs in jail, everyone in hollywood, doctor-patient confidentiality, global warming, freedom of speech, Barak Obama, ACLU related civil rights amendments, essentially anyone and everything that doesn’t embody what FOX represents. I find it insulting that Fox feels the need to fund and air a show like this on their own news channel and act as though they don’t hide political agendas in their news broadcasting. The show laid out several well structured logical arguments which I thought were well put and totally agreed with… bizarre thing was that they played a laugh track at the end of it. Those were when the supreme court opinions were being explained.

Heres a link so you can investigate further.


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