The american dream:

It can’t be. The american dream has shifted far away from opportunities created through protestant work ethic and wholesome values. This land of opportunity seems more aptly defined by the powerball lottery. The cornerstone of the american economy has shifted from family owned businesses toward corporate gas-stations, hand-in-pocket with franchised convenience stores selling strictly poisoinous vices: junk food, sodas, alcohol, tobacco, and lotto, and a variety of worthless trinkets. Our freedom to enter the capitalist market for the sake of future family generations is now often rejected for the freedom to become fat, lazy, selfish, and hopefully lotto-lucky if we hope to be able to afford the medical costs associated with our new lifestyle. So keep on dreaming in your sugar induced comas, cause america will never be the same.


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  1. alec says:

    You know, I simply cannot understand people. Are you subtly telling me that the fat and sugar clogging my arteries could have corporate sponsors? I’m at a lost and smell victory. Victory smells like capitalism. Welcome to the new world. (?)

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