Beginning the latest installment of ‘Really?” we have a quote illuminating the fact that Octopi instinctively intend to preserve Korean art history: “… it meant for us to discover the artefacts.”

Next, more justification for dropping the A-bomb… and by that I do mean mushroom cloud

Another story suggests that Oscar the cat predicts death in a nursing home. I propose that the cat is more likely to be the grim reaper.

Next, diesel fumes contribute to high cholesterol. And all this time I assumed truckers were unhealthy due to junk food and lack of exercise!

Last but not least are some facts I’ve compiled about the scourge that is corn syrup. A new study shows that one soda per day accounts for an 80% greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Americans, per capita, consume 3.5x as much corn products as do Brazilians. Corn is the main food that farmers use to fatten up livestock. Not surprisingly it is the main cause of the current American health crisis. Cattle, as well as humans, are not naturally supposed to consume these great amounts of Corn/corn products. The corn overdose in cattle leads to an explosion of E.coli bacteria in their digestive system, putting the public at risk and requiring the cows to be doped up on expensive antibiotics. The introduction of Ethanol gasoline additive has led to higher prices and therefore increased production of corn, already in surplus. Growing corn depletes nutrients from the soil faster than almost any other crop. Corn responds extremely well to fertilizers however, which has dramatic consequences for our watersheds and rivers.


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  1. Steven Colbert must’ve seen read this edition of really… he profiled Oscar the Cat; proposing that he is actually a satanic version of Garfield, eating souls instead of lasagna.

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    This will be the last time Garfield is ever referenced again on this blog.

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