We can’t even find our own WMD’s

Missing shipments and unreported exposures of anthrax, plague, Ebola, encephalitis, bird-flu, and monkey pox…. in America. No wonder we can’t find WMD’s abroad, you’d think the gov’t would want to find the evidence in Iraq, if for nothing else than to appease the American public but I suspect the don’t give a shit. They can’t even keep it from going missing in America.

These federally funded labs are inspected only once every three years. In 4 years there have been 100 reported accidents in 44 labs in 24 states with more than 24 incidents still being investigated. On top of that there are many unreported incidents.

This Associated Press article should inspire plenty of conspiracy theorists to suggest potential attack/vaccination/genocide theories, but it wouldn’t be the first time the government tested biological weapons on the American public:

extensive list

This is equally alarming describing the history of dumping WMD’s in the oceans, later to wash up on our shores, kill our fisherman, and contaminate the food-chain with heavy metals… ever wonder about the mercury in fish? I had another link some days ago but cannot find it now, perhaps I will add it later or someone can link some resources in comment form.


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  1. AlvinBlah says:

    the WMD dumping story is some scary shit.

  2. Indeed, giant mutant sponges, clams, and who knows what else; god forbid they have to make another Jaws sequel.

    I wonder if it’s possible the leaking barrels of nuclear waste could contribute some small amount to global warming; we weren’t the only country dumping them in the ocean and we also apparently dumped toxins across the world not just on our own shores.

    Infected monkeys on the lam frighten me as well… Anyone over the age of 22 has probably seen the movie ‘Outbreak.’

  3. AlvinBlah says:

    I don’t know about the global warming, that may be a stretch, but it’s obvious to me that this is a key component to the serious damage aquatic life has suffered in the past 10-20 years.

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