15 Reasons Why The US Deserves Every Bad Thing That Happens To It

Speak American Abortion

Believe it or not, the most offensive thing about this year’s Superbowl wasn’t Bruno Mars’ flashy crooning or his phosphorescent grin. No, it wasn’t the national anthem. And if you were a Seahawks fan, it sure as hell wasn’t the game. In fact, it was only outside the field where things got real ugly, real quick.

Coca Cola, using the shiny, trendy cloak of diversity to aggrandize its product, unveiled what they likely thought a benign commercial featuring–gasp–faces, races and words unknown to Ward Cleaver’s neighborhood, all singing along to “America, the Beautiful” like a big ole melting pot should.

Alas, the world just isn’t as rosy as the sugar smack dealers would have liked to think. It might come as a shock that not the most enlightened individuals take part in a belligerent, belching and booze-filled event known as “watching the Super Bowl” every year. It might come as an even bigger shock that these liberty-loving, wing-munching Americans don’t cotton too well to the idea of a terrorist–or god forbid, a gay one–adding his or her harmony to the great American chorus when he or she speaks “Arab”. Thus, #SpeakAmerican found its way from the dregs of Twitter-using neanderthals to its trending page. Here are some of the worst examples.

Speak American GTFO Now

Speak American Upset

Speak American Gay Couple

Speak American Really Coke

Speak American Sub Yourself

Speak American Get Over It

Speak American This Is America

Speak American Respect

Speak American Immigrants

Speak American GTFO

Speak American Gay God

Speak American Pepsi

Speak American Languages

Speak American Liberals


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