How Many Hours Minimum Wage Workers Must Work For Affordable Housing

Minimum Wage Affordable Housing

In New York, the minimum wage worker would have to work nearly 20 hours a day to afford rent as defined by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. 20 hours. That’s how many hours a part-time employee works in a week.


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  1. Heathen Samm says:

    This assumes a 2 bedroom apartment, presumably for a working person/couple, and offspring. I’d like to see this chart with one bedroom or studio housing. Not everyone making minimum wage is half of a couple or has children. So for many, this chart is inapplicable and leaves many questions unanswered. Of course minimum wage should be raised, but was the 2 bedroom situation used because the effect is more dramatic?

    • ABC123 says:

      Lol, the difference from a 1 bedroom/studio to a 2 bedroom is minimal. $50-100 locally. Don’t act so ignorant.

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