Jesus On Incentives

Jesus On Incentives

Yeah, man. Nothing creates parasitic dependency like a little compassion and kindness.


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  1. GOD THE FATHER says:

    for some reason, pukey pope francis, and benidictu.s. benedict, you people think that you can lie to the people all you want, in defiance of what I told you to do from scriptures. I do recall a conversation with the mormons that said when I asked them, who is going to destroy the catholic church? They said the people will be rioting in the streets, and the mormons said they were going to assume the role of God and change every word that I (GOD) told them. and tell other people what to by changing GODS words. the mormons were to stay quiet during this time of rioting, because they were pure and GOD was not. after all the other churches would be in disaster. they believed people would be begging them for help, and looking for the chosen one. knowing the other religions were destroyed the mormons said they would control the stock market by re-educating the people in the moron doctrines against GOD.
    these mormons are the same people who told GOD that he would be given every thing if and when he went into the temple to live forever, so they could rule the world and not any other religion. they also said they were going to sell guns and stores for the mass killings and make their money from that also.

    I asked them, is this prophet supposed to be, supposed to have any children ?
    they said, No! only they could have perfect children, and they said they would control the population of the earth, and they had the perfect seed forever and condem all those did not follow the mormon, and use force. now all you mormon mother fuckers are over thirty years late at killing all those catholic mother fuckers, which makes every religion a bunch of liars. the earths population is going to drop two thirds by removing the antichrist, just look at the state of arizona. the church tried to find a way out of their own hangings by changing what was written, and the popes have done the same. the book of Revelation says do not change any thing. so all you clergy, members of clergy, and public officials have to kill yourselves, and the mormons can NOT say they have no clergy for any reason. they said, they changed they changed The Bible when they were talking to GOD in the mid-seventies. only to try to claim MY brothers soul.

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