New Statistics Study Maps Out How A Singular “American English” Doesn’t Exist

America might still lamentably be divided on gay marriage and marijuana legalization, but as this recent NC State statistics study points out, the most divisive factor could be the way we pronounce the name of that innocuous little decapod residing in creeks across the country: the crawfish. Read on and you’ll realize that if we even want to dream of having an official language, we need to actually act like it first.

Mary Merry Marry

Drive Thru Liquor

The City


Highway Freeway

Sneakers Tennis Shoes

Water Drinking Fountain

Sub Hoagie

Syrup Pronunciation

Traffic Circle Roundabout

Crawfish Crayfish

Coke Pop Soda

Pecan Pie Pronunciation

Pajamas Pronunciation

Mayonnaise Pronunciation

Y'all You All

Slaw Coleslaw

Lawyer Pronunciation

Crayon Pronunciation

Bowie Knife Pronunciation

Been Pronunciation

Caramel Pronunciation


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