26 Staggering Photos Of The Protests Raging In Brazil

We seem to be living in an era of what esteemed news anchor Ron Burgundy might describe as “quick escalation”. As with current protests in Turkey, peaceful movements in Brazil rapidly grew violent following a frenzied episode of police brutality and intimidation. What began as a relatively harmless demonstration against an increase in public bus fares soon became a massive, nationwide movement railing against high taxes, corruption within the Rousseff administration, and lavish spending on a superfluous World Cup stadium (costing taxpayers around $30 billion to build) while much of the population could be better served by their tax dollars funding literacy programs, better healthcare and so on.

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The images are truly stunning (especially as it’s estimated that 80% of those participating have never taken part in a single protest or belonged to a political movement before), and the movement–refusing to confine itself to a single objective–doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. Check out an incredibly informative video below for more information about what hosting the World Cup in Brazil really means.


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