Miley Cyrus Twerking On Things We Actually Should Be Talking About


We’re about to entrench ourselves in another decade of shit–this time in Syria. Oh, and it’s been revealed that the massive deregulation of the banking sector–that, you know, instigated the 2007 financial meltdown–was planned, and one of the key minds behind that is a contender to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. And what the hell is going on in Egypt? Is democracy really being fulfilled when brute military force overthrows a fairly-elected leader after a year and then tries to squelch the cries of those who rightly oppose what the military has done? We can talk about that later–did you see Miley Cyrus on the VMAs? Mindful of this, Miley Twerking On Reality was born. If she twerks on it, maybe we’ll give a shit.

Twerkin’ On Syrian Rebels

Miley Twerking Rebels

Twerkin’ On Egyptians In Revolt

Miley Twerking Egypt

Twerkin’ On The Root Of The Financial Crisis

Miley Twerking Financial Crisis

Twerkin’ On Dreams

Miley Twerking MLK

Twerkin’ On Monumental Rulings

Miley Twerking Manning

Twerkin’ On The Civil Rights Movement

Miley Twerking March

Twerkin’ On Questions Of Intervention

Miley Twerking Syria

Twerkin’ On Damning CIA Revelations

Miley Twerking Saddam


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