A Chronic Lack of Sleep

Don’t write such sappy simple poetry
The world deserves better
Than the shit you spout
Asshole to piehole

Are you stuck in a rut?
has the everyday lost its zing?
Where is this purpose
where is this drive?

Fake intellectualist
all pretension/no substance
Listen to the crickets chirp
the moonbeams electrify the air

God exists where you find it, love
hate death life, love
Listen to the wind blow
the stench and whispers

Build up your false God
Call it your bullshit
Words like an abortion
words to shock your heart

FEEL something damnit
the machine keeps beeping
heart keeps pumping
ticker keeps ticking

Fake fuck poet
just scream in pleasure
like you mean it
like you really meant it

Fake it till you make it
and one day all New York
all New York will be drenched
drenched in your second coming

Oh I really feel it this time
I really feel alive
beep beep metal heart beats
like a steel drum

So god damn phony!

Big headed mongrel
believe in yourself
God is inside you
What atheist

Sleep soundly now
Sleeps alone now
Oh ironic lovers
Lay with lambs now

Because tonight’s the night
Tonight’s the night


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  1. alec says:

    In the words of Prince, all the critics love you in New York.

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